The Bold and the Beautiful Fans Express Displeasure as Krista Allen Exits; Speculation Mounts on Taylor’s Future

The Bold and the Beautiful sparked fan outcry with Krista Allen’s exit and the uncertain fate of the beloved character Taylor Hayes. As fans voice concerns, questions linger about Taylor’s crucial role in family matters and the possibility of a recast, with Hunter Tylo’s return being a highly anticipated solution.

Taylor’s Absence Dilemma

Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) indicate that by declining to extend Krista’s contract, TPTB infuriated a lot of fans.

Allen discussed that choice and the ensuing drama in an interview with Deadline. It is simply untrue that Taylor is no longer truly needed on canvas, despite what Allen was informed! Taylor had been absent from important family gatherings for a considerable amount of time before Allen’s debut, and she appeared to be an awful mother.

We understand that B&B takes great pleasure in embellishing their credentials as “world-renowned psychiatrists,” but that will only get them so far.

Taylor cannot be away doing good deeds for an extended period when her children need her. In the future, what would happen if Steffy, Thomas, or any of the grandchildren suffered harm?

Should one of Taylor’s relatives be admitted to the hospital, what would be the explanation for her nonattendance? Naturally, Taylor must also be present for more joyous family occasions. Thomas is going to be upset if his mother is not present when he eventually marries Hope.

During the interview, Allen expressed how much she missed Hunter Tylo before taking over the position.

Krista Allen
The Bold and the Beautiful fans share their dismay over Krista Allen’s departure

Recasting Possibilities

Allen acknowledged that at first, there was a lot of opposition from fans who were against Taylor’s recasting. However, a lot of people enjoyed Allen’s portrayal of Taylor, so the show may eventually be recast in the hopes of another great performance.

But bringing Hunter Tylo back would be the best way to calm down all the fans who were upset about Krista Allen leaving! If not, maybe B&B could at least persuade Tylo to show up for the family emergencies and significant occasions we mentioned. That might take some convincing.

In any event, Allen decided he did not want to continue and is relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe Tylo or another recast could step in if Allen is no longer available when tragedy befalls Taylor’s children and grandchildren.

Do you think Hunter Tylo would be a good fit to play Taylor Hayes again? What is your opinion regarding the departure of Krista Allen?

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