Who is leaving The Bold and The Beautiful 2023?

Soap operas have a unique ability to captivate viewers with their dramatic storylines and beloved characters. However, as with any long-running series, cast members come and go, leaving fans with a mix of emotions.

In this article ‘Who is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful 2023’, we will explore the recent departures from the popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Join us as we say goodbye to these cherished characters and reflect on the impact they had on the show. With a heavy heart, let us delve into their journeys and bid them farewell.

Django Ferri – The Temporary Replacement

With Samiri’s return as Douglas, Django Ferri, who temporarily played the role, bid farewell to The Bold and the Beautiful. The cycle of soap life often sees such casting changes, reminding us of the ever-evolving nature of the show.

Character NameDouglas Forrester
Portrayed ByDjango Ferri
First AppearedMarch 8, 2016

Rena Sofer – Quinn’s Memorable Exit

After nine years of stirring the pot as Quinn, Rena Sofer, an Emmy winner, announced her departure in August of 2022. Expressing her own heartbreak, she shared on Instagram, “It’s time for me to move on.”

This departure undoubtedly leaves a void in the hearts of fans who grew attached to her character’s unpredictable presence.

Character NameQuinn Fuller
Portrayed ByRena Sofer
First AppearedJuly 12, 2013

Henry Joseph Samiri – Unexpectedly Permanent

Initially cast as a temporary fill-in for Douglas, newcomer Django Ferri’s switcheroo became permanent due to a scheduling conflict. Soap Opera Digest reported this change in August 2022, leaving viewers to bid farewell to yet another iteration of the character.

Character NameDouglas Forrester
Portrayed ByHenry Joseph Samiri 
First AppearedMarch 8, 2016

Naomi Matsuda – A Fiery Exit

Li learned a hard lesson about turning her back on Finn’s formidable mother, Sheila. After a car chase, Sheila’s wrath resulted in Li’s life going up in flames, leaving viewers with a tragic and fiery departure.

Character NameLi Finnegan
Portrayed ByNaomi Matsuda
First AppearedAugust 2, 2021

Tanner Novlan – A Heartbreaking Twist

On April 1, 2022, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful experienced an unexpected turn of events. While aiming at Steffy, Sheila accidentally shot her own son, Finn, bringing Tanner Novlan’s portrayal to an abrupt end. This twist left viewers in shock and sorrow over the loss of a beloved character.

Character NameDr. Johnathan “Finn” Finnegan
Portrayed ByTanner Novlan
First AppearedJuly 23, 2020

Hunter Tylo – An Indestructible Character’s Departure

Hunter Tylo, known for her portrayal of Taylor, had been on an on-again/off-again status since her last stint in 2019. Entertainment Weekly reported in October 2021 that the show’s attempts to bring her back as Taylor failed. Her absence since then suggests a real departure, leaving fans longing for the indestructible character she portrayed for over three decades.

Character NameDr. Taylor Hayes
Portrayed ByHunter Tylo
First AppearedJune 6, 1990

Kiara Barnes – Pursuing New Adventures

While Zoe fought tooth and nail to win back her ex-fiancé Carter, her portrayer, Kiara Barnes, had other plans. Barnes landed a lead role in Fox’s contemporary reimagining of the classic series Fantasy Island, bidding farewell to The Bold and the Beautiful and embarking on a new journey.

Character NameZoe Buckingham
Portrayed ByKiara Barnes
First AppearedJune 9, 2018

Joe LoCicero – Twists and Surprises

Moments after Liam admitted his disdain for Vinny, the paternity-test tamperer, a twist of fate occurred. Vinny was tragically run down by Liam, raising questions about whether it was an accident or something more. Headwriter Bradley Bell promised surprises, leaving viewers intrigued and saddened by the impending loss of Joe LoCicero’s character.

Character NameVincent “Vinny” Walker
Portrayed ByJoe LoCicero
First AppearedJune 27, 2019

Karla Mosley – A Groundbreaking Departure

In October 2020, Karla Mosley, the talented actress who portrayed Maya, bravely acknowledged the unspoken truth – the show had chosen to move on from her groundbreaking character.

Sharing her disappointment on Instagram, she revealed that Maya wasn’t honored with a goodbye befitting the importance of her presence on the show.

This departure leaves a void in the hearts of fans who appreciated the significance of Maya’s role and the representation she brought to the screen.

Character NameMaya Avant 
Portrayed ByKarla Mosley 
First AppearedJanuary 22, 2013

Going… Next Door: Courtney Hope – A Serendipitous Detour

Just as actress Courtney Hope announced in August 2020 that she had reached the end of her “monumental journey” as Sally, fate took an unexpected turn.

Instead of bidding farewell to her character, Sally, she was invited to cross the hallway and bring Sally to The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful’s sister soap.

This surprising detour offers a glimmer of hope for fans who may get to see Sally continue her story in a new setting.

Character NameSally Spectra II 
Portrayed ByCourtney Hope 
First AppearedJanuary 31, 2017

Aaron D. Spears – From Contract to Recurring

Aaron D. Spears, who played Bill’s loyal right-hand man, Justin, transitioned from a contract role to a recurring one in January 2020.

Who is leaving the Bold and the Beautiful 2023
Who is leaving the Bold and the Beautiful 2023

Reflecting on the change, Spears shared his perspective, acknowledging that until he owns his own show, he can’t be upset about the choices made for his character.

Fans will undoubtedly miss the dynamic between Bill and Justin and wish for a fulfilling storyline that could have explored a potential love interest for Justin.

Character NameJustin Barber
Portrayed ByAaron D. Spears
First AppearedSeptember 14, 2009
BornJanuary 20, 1969

Alley Mills – Farewell to a Loony and Lovable Character

In November 2019, fans received disheartening news that Alley Mills, the actress who portrayed Pam, the loony but lovable character and the soap’s comic relief, had been taken off contract.

For 13 years, Pam had brought joy and laughter to viewers, leaving a lasting impression. The absence of Pam on the show leaves a void in the comedic element and a sense of loss for those who cherished her unique presence.

Character NameNorma Arnold
Portrayed ByAlley Mills
BornMarch 22, 1930

Adain Bradley – A Disappearing Act

During the summer of 2019, Adain Bradley, known for his portrayal of Xander, left fans puzzled with his Instagram post, humorously stating, “I ain’t got no job; what the hell should I do today?”

Despite his later amendment suggesting a potential comeback for his character, Xander has remained absent from the show since 2019. This disappearance leaves fans longing for closure and resolution to Xander’s storyline.

Character NameAlexander ‘Xander’ Avant
Portrayed ByAdain Bradley
First AppearedJune 12, 2018

Jacob Young – The Vanishing Act

In April 2018, Emmy winner Jacob Young revealed that he had gone off contract as Rick, Brooke and Eric’s son. However, since then, Rick’s presence on the show has been conspicuously absent.

Despite Young’s hope for potential storylines, the lack of his character’s return has left fans disappointed and uncertain. The absence of Rick’s compelling presence and the unresolved possibilities weigh heavy on the hearts of viewers.

Character NameRick Forrester
Portrayed ByJacob Young
First AppearedNovember 7, 1990
BornNovember 7, 1980

Ending Notes

As we bid farewell to these beloved characters on The Bold and the Beautiful, our hearts are filled with a mix of emotions.

The departures of Django Ferri, Rena Sofer, Henry Joseph Samiri, Naomi Matsuda, Tanner Novlan, Hunter Tylo, Kiara Barnes, Joe LoCicero, Karla Mosley, Courtney Hope, Aaron D. Spears, Alley Mills, Adain Bradley, and Jacob Young leave a void in the fabric of the show.

Each actor brought their unique talents and captivating performances, touching the hearts of fans around the world.

Their departures remind us of the ever-evolving nature of soap operas and the impact these characters had on our lives. We will cherish their memories and hold onto the hope that their paths may cross again in the future.

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