Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2: Predicted Release date, Cast, and many more

Ever since the news of season 2 broke out, fans have been waiting like crazy for its release. After being on the market for more than a year, the anime “Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy” is currently in high demand for a second season.

Let’s go through the details and we will provide you with a deep analysis,

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2: What’s It and What’s Inside?

A second season of the fantasy light book series Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy was published in Japan. Mitsuaki Matsumoto plays the lead role in the Kei Azumi-written program. It started serializing online in 2012 on the website for publishing user-generated novels called Shsetsuka ni Nar, then in 2016, it migrated to AlphaPolis.

Later, AlphaPolis, a publication that began in May 2013, acquired the series. Since 2015, a manga adaptation featuring Kotora Kino’s artwork has been serialized on the manga website of AlphaPolis. Between July and September 2021, the anime series aired.

Well, you are not alone, a large number of people are waiting for the series to release soon. The production has still not given any further information after the release of the Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2′ announcement.

What is Moonlit Fantasy all about?

Moonlit Fantasy is nothing but a very beautiful story that shows the life of Makoto Misumi, a typical child from Tsukimichi, Japan.

He was sent to a fantasy land to become a hero, but the goddess rejected him since he didn’t meet her standards for beauty. It is depicted in a very beautiful way which creates excitement in the mind of the people.

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We understand your curiosity to know the release date and expectations from the production to release it soon. Let us take you directly to the statement of the production and team of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy.

The creators of “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy,” C2C, have remained relatively mum about the arrival of Season 2. The staff of “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy” has announced a second season, as per the show’s official website.

The update did not provide a particular return date for the show, though. However, Tsukimichi Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on November 25, 2022.

The cast of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2

As we have given you a little information about the cast above, the story centers around a regular Japanese man who is miraculously transported to a spectacular fantasy world by a goddess.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2: Predicted Release date, Cast, and many more
Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2

Makoto Misumi is this common hero at the beginning of “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy,” and he thinks that being summoned would provide him with a fantastic new life.

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The goddess who summoned Makoto temporarily exiles him to the most remote areas of the wasteland. Makoto still outperforms everyone in the world in terms of strength and success despite this setback.

It is with no doubt that the series is wonderful and depicted perfectly but at the same time, it has become hard for the fans to wait for it anymore.

Expectations and demands are now high with the production. Well, the journey to wait eagerly for your favorite series is adventurous and exciting in itself. 

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy – FAQs

Where to watch the Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2?

It has been predicted that Crunchyroll will most likely be the only place for Western hemisphere fans to view Season 2.

Which character has been depicted as the boldest one in Tsukimichi?

With no doubt, Sofia Bulga is the answer. She was a violent and easily angered woman. According to her, power is everything. After having her mind altered by Root, Sofia is now a caring woman who wants to fight monsters to keep.

Is Makoto a superhero?

Makoto, a human born on Earth, has been shown to have exhibited the best traits of both hyumans and humans, including a sizable mana reserve from his hyuman ancestry and a superhuman body as a result of the challenging circumstances of the Original World where he lived as a human. Except for Root, he becomes immensely strong over time and can even engage in undemanding combat with the Greater Dragons.

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