The Tale Of Victoria Newman – The Young And The Restless

Victoria Newman is a fictitious character on The Young and the Restless on CBS. She is one of the most charming and favorite actors in the series. She will definitely rock the show every time she is on the stage.

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If You Fail Right Away…

Victoria might not have been fully prepared when Cupid initially shot for her. Ryan McNeil, an older guy, married her, but she struggled to give him her body.

Far from a picture of maturity, Ryan ultimately found himself in the arms of Nina Webster, Phillip Chancellor’s “widow.”

Second Marriage Disappointed…

Victoria’s second marriage did not fare much better than her first. In response, Victoria claimed that her child with recently engaged Neil Winters was their unfortunate child.

See Who’s Following

Victoria’s obsession with marketing genius Gary Dawson gave the impression that she was trying to establish her poor judgment of men. 

Kiss And Tell

Victoria feigned to be attractive for the outrageously hot Diego Guittierez because she suspected Sharon Newman’s relationship with him. Surprise: She gave in to him. He and Sharon had been canoodling.

Near, but far away

Victoria was on the verge of starting a new life with Michael Baldwin when her father’s illegal actions came to light. Victoria left her lawyer boyfriend behind when she left Genoa City.

The One best thing

When Victoria returned to Genoa City, Brad Carlton proposed to her only because of his genuine love.

All You Can Fool

Victoria gave in to the attractions of the private eye she hired to look into them, J.T. Hellstrom, whom she later married, as Brad continued to come up with reasons to hang out with and mack on Sharon.

Ack…It Happens

Like so many other women before her, she succumbed to the allure of opportunistic Deacon Sharpe in J.T. and Victoria’s marriage. Victoria, no. Simply take a backseat from the scorching, burning error. Back away. 

Masked and Answered

When J.T. was no longer in view, Victoria started flirting with “Billy Boy” Abbott, her father’s greatest fear. 

A Piece Of Time

Victoria got a chance to start again with Ben Rayburn, but she ended up battling for his attention again with Ashley, his sporadic stepmother. 

Victoria Newman on the Young and the Restless
Victoria Newman on the Young and the Restless

A Final Call?

Victoria needed help finding Travis Crawford, the mixologist at Hank’s Bar, to be enticing. However, he had more to him than just a hangover; their romance was deemed a “dead end.”

Once More, With Feeling

In 2021, Victoria believed that her relationship with Billy was over. Lily Winters, his new love interest, had different ideas. Although she didn’t say it, we were all thinking about it when she said, “Been there, done that.”

The Need to Combine

A purportedly dying Ashland Locke revived Victoria’s love life. She would regret combining work and pleasure with the dashing older guy if he lived up to his sinister moniker, the Locke Ness Monster.


Victoria came to regret spending time with the handsome older man for both work and pleasure. She didn’t feel the need to cry over his premature death, at least not after his colossal lie was exposed. Not from cancer, it should be added.

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