The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Are Victoria and Cole’s Romance Coming Back?

As Victor and Nikki are going to celebrate their anniversary, a major milestone, their daughter Victoria is not far away!

Her love life is going to be the next big plot twist on The Young and the Restless. Despite past failed relationships, Victoria’s history with Cole resurfaces, hinting at a potential reunion.

But with obstacles looming and Victor’s watchful eye, will their second chance at love withstand the challenges ahead?

Cole and Victoria’s Past

Unfortunately, relationships on The Young and the Restless do not usually last. Victor and Nikki, undoubtedly the cutest couple in the daytime, are getting ready to celebrate a significant anniversary in their long-term union.

Nevertheless, devoted followers are aware that the couple had times when they were married to different people and could not stand one another.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers
Cole and Victoria’s Past

It was simply fate, love, and kids that brought them back together. Victoria, the couple’s firstborn child, has not been as “lucky” in love.

Although we always believed Billy was meant to be Victoria’s soulmate, the two have not been romantically involved in a while and have previously failed to make things work.

Victoria and Billy did not get back together even after splitting up with Nate and Ashland. Then Cole walks in.

Even though his return to Genoa City is due to his insane Aunt Jordan, a horrible poison, and a daughter he lost a long time ago, it is becoming clear that the writers of the show are getting closer to bringing back his and Victoria’s love affair.

Are Victoria and Cole Romance Coming Back

Cole and Victoria were once deeply in love, for those who need to be reminded. In the beginning, their young dynamic faced challenges because Victoria was ending a relationship with Ryan, and Cole, unknown to her, had briefly dated Nikki.

And there was the whole theory that Cole might have been Victor’s kid, which turned out not to be the case.

Victor’s Role

But after overcoming all of these problems, Victoria and Cole experienced some very happy moments and showed each other a lot of affection.

The couple would experience problems once more when Cole and Ashley started dating and got intimate, even though Victoria was already pregnant—though at the time he was unaware that she was carrying his child.

Eve Howard, aka Claire, who they had assumed had died, turned out to be the baby. Are we giving Victoria and Cole another chance now that they are older, wiser, and co-parents? That is how it appears, at least.

We believe that there will be a barrier too great for them to overcome, so it will not work between the two.

The Mustache has historically posed the greatest danger to Victoria’s romantic relationships. Typically, no one stands up for his daughter, and he played a significant role in her marriages to J.T. and Billy failing, as well as her spectacular breakup with Nate.

Victor does seem to like Cole, at least thus far. Therefore, who will step in if Victor doesn’t?

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