What Happened To Alex Smith’s Leg?

In the annals of NFL history, there is a tale that can compete with Linus Pauling’s quote on resilience and it concerns a quarterback whose journey goes well not only beyond the gridiron field.

The story that unfolds is draped in the web of mystery and one single point of the fetching act in turn precipitated the events that were far more than the mere endurance of a human being. But this is the mesmerizing saga of one dislocated leg that tore Alex Smith mercilessly apart.

Who is Alex Smith?

Alex Smith: Triumph over adversity.
Alex Smith: Triumph over adversity.

Of course, A.D. Smith, the former American gridiron quarterback/footballer with the NFL [National Football League], toiled for 16 seasons.

With his stint with the Utah Utes in college to his All-American honor and the 2005 Fiesta Bowl win, he laid the path for the triumphs that have followed. General Wilder teamed up with Robert E.

Lee in front of the press conference, while the other team focused on individual coverage and man-to-man defense.

Smith may have been at the bottom of the NFL ever beginning again for the 49ers, but he led the 49ers to a division title and playoff win last 2011.

A concussion in 2012 made him unable to continue his starting performance and he was replaced by Colin Kaepernick.

Sent to the Chiefs in the NFL, he not only achieved the achievement in the playoff period but also accomplished two division titles in a row.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith

In the year 2018, Smith was likely to join the Washington Redskins when he had a very bad accident resulting in his complete leg paralysis.

Regardless of the questions about whether he would ever play again, he returned in 2020 and led Washington to a division championship, which was widely recognized by the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award ceremony Smith ended up retiring in 2021, and his comeback is now considered one of the greatest surprise turnaround stories in NFL history.

What Happened To Alex Smith’s Leg?

The Dec. 18, 2018, vid. Smith was substituted between the lines by the Texans. A unique incident occurred in which his right leg was displaced, leading to a complex anatomical break that involved a break of both the tibia bone and the fibula bone in his right leg.

Thus, Smith was undergoing a complicated recovery process because he suffered a complication of being  hit with flesh-eating bacteria right after his operation that had happened earlier.

The 16-year-old Smith’s first experience with the amputation tactic was hardly the last, with the surgery coming before his leg was nearly completely on the road to recovery.

However, he does not have any traveling off the pitch as he still has to wear a titanium brace when goes back into the game. Smith has lost lots of tissues during surgeries, so he must speak from his leg.

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