Megan’s latest post has confused her fans, with many saying they could barely recognize her

Megan Fox’s selfie, which embraced her natural beauty, surprised many.

In the April 17 photo, Megan wore a black bra and red plaid pajama pants. Her blue waves cascaded past her waist, and her sleeve tattoo was on full display. To cap off the low-key look, her luminous skin glowed in the natural light as she offered the camera a sultry smile.

Her skin looked flawless without foundation, and it looked like she was just wearing lip gloss on her lips. “Repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post-Coachella,” Megan wrote as a caption for the photo. 

Megan and her ex, Brian Austin Green, have three children together: Noah Shannon, 11, Bodhi Ransom, 10, and Journey River, 7.

Fans were divided about the 37-year-old blue-eyed beauty in the comments section because some had never seen her without her typical glitz. Some fans were quick to take note of the 37-year-old’s fresh-faced look, with one Instagram user commenting, “Bro is even pretty without makeup.”

Another wrote, “My jaw? On the floor.”

Others, like one fan who commented, “I do not think I have ever seen Megan without makeup in my life, did not even realize this was her,” were more interested in how unusual the Transformers star’s bare-skin moment was. Still looking gorgeous as always, though.”

“Who is this?” inquired the third person. One user replied, “A confident woman that is not hiding behind makeup,” in response to several fans’ writings.

Megan’s latest post has confused her fans, with many saying they could barely recognize her
Megan Fox

“I adore this picture. It is very genuine. One person wrote, “We need more of this,” while another gushed about how “she kept it simple.”

Another Fox supporter poked fun at the detractors by saying the photo “does not look like her.”

“Entering my Jedi era,” Megan wrote as the caption for her April 2 Instagram post, which included pictures showcasing her light blue hairstyle.  

Some, however, were startled into stopping in their tracks, believing the star of Jennifer’s Body to be Kim Kardashian. Someone commented, “Why the hell did I think this was Kim Kardashian?” while another said, “I scrolled past and thought this was Kim.” 

In addition to being genuine on social media, Fox recently opened up about the years’ worth of plastic surgery treatments.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress disclosed she had her breasts “done conservatively” before filming the second Transformers movie in a March podcast interview with Call Her Daddy.

As Fox went on, she clarified that fans had accused her of having “six, seven, eight rhinoplasty surgeries.” “I had my nose done when I was in my early twenties,” Fox said. The actress acknowledged having Botox and filler as well, but she has refrained from getting “threads” because she is afraid “they would interfere” if she were to have a facelift.

She went on, “I have never had body contouring, liposuction, or anything like that.”

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