Where is Danielle Grant going? Unveiling the secret

Introducing the dynamic Danielle Grant is a meteorologist whose career has been as unpredictable as the weather she forecasts.

From her early days learning the ins and outs of the broadcasting industry in sunny San Luis Obispo to her decade-long tenure as the trusted face of weekend evening weather at 9News in Colorado, Danielle has never shied away from embracing change.

But now, a new chapter awaits, leaving her devoted audience in eager anticipation of what the future holds.

Join us as we look into the intriguing story of this talented meteorologist, her charming basset hound Walter, and her enduring love story with her husband, Bill Reddick.

Who is Danielle Grant?

Danielle forecasts the unpredictable and ever-changing weather in Colorado as the weekend evening meteorologist for 9News. In 2023, she will be about 30 years old.

She is outside enjoying the weather, rain or shine when she is not tracking the skies. She adores Walter, her 73-pound basset hound. Above all, Danielle is the highly sought-after Mirror Ball champion from Dancing with the Anchors in 2019.

She studied broadcast journalism at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, where she also received her degree.

She gained insight into the workings of the local NBC affiliate, KSBY-TV, while she was a college student working behind the scenes.

She enrolled in Mississippi State University’s meteorology program. Grant is working toward receiving her NWA seal and has obtained her meteorologist certification.

Where is Danielle Grant going?

After ten years, Danielle Grant says goodbye to Channel 9 and welcomes change. She is thankful for the love and support she has received from her community and looks forward to a bright future.

Since Danielle Grant left Channel 9, people have been wondering where she might end up. Danielle felt it was time for a change after ten years of devoted service.

Despite her career being centered around predicting the future, leaving her dream job was an unexpected move, driven by the belief that change, though challenging, is sometimes necessary.

Where is Danielle Grant going
Danielle Grant

Danielle tells her audience that she will not be going far even as she leaves 9NEWS. She is still accessible to her community for conversations about the weather and life’s journey.

She still calls Colorado home, and she has a particular place in her heart for the people who have accepted her into their homes and watched her family flourish.

Danielle expresses her sincere gratitude to them for their years of love and support. Danielle anticipates a bright future.

She is adamant that God is preparing the next chapter of her life, even though it may not currently be on their TV screens. She assures the crowd that they will be the first to find out what lies ahead in this new chapter.

By offering precise and captivating weather predictions, she has become a familiar face to viewers, serving as the community’s go-to meteorologist on weekends.

Danielle has demonstrated her meteorological expertise during her time at 9NEWS, offering insightful commentary on Colorado’s constantly shifting weather patterns. 

Viewers throughout the region now turn to her as a reliable source of information because of her commitment to and enthusiasm for weather forecasting.

Who is Danielle Grant’s husband?

Danielle Grant is married to her longtime college friend, Bill Reddick. Bill is a director and videographer who has contributed to several well-known events and projects.

Bill has worked as the cameraman and director on a number of well-known assignments and premieres. A few years passed before the couple exchanged vows.

They continue to share the beautiful recollections of their quality time spent together on social media. Along with these activities, Grant and Bill have been seen hiking, sailing, diving, horseback riding, and going on safari with their family dog Walter.

Their dog, Walter, is well-known in the media and has an Instagram account as well.

She was tasked with covering one of the largest natural disasters to hit the nation in 2013, the Black Fire. On social media, they keep posting their lovely memories of their free time spent together.

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