What happened to Rick Roberts on WBAP? The Mysterious Exit He Made So Quickly

Imagine that it is August 2, 2023, and everyone is talking about the untimely passing of Rick Roberts, the host of the witty afternoon program on WBAP Fort Worth/Dallas.

He’s disappeared from the radio after chit-chatting and exchanging ideas with us for seven and a half years. What is the scoop, though? What happened to WBAP’s Rick Roberts?

What Happened to Rick Roberts on WBAP?

Rick Roberts, the former host of the afternoon drive at WBAP, exists the program. So let’s go back a little. Born in 1954, Rick Roberts had quite the radio career.

Imagine that he formerly practiced law and dealt with matters pertaining to oil and gas. But in 1992, he made the decision to change directions and start a radio discussion show.

From becoming a lawyer, he became a microphone magician. He first performed his act at Denver venues including KYGO and KOA. He then toured and performed in many locations, including Kansas City, Dallas, and San Diego.

Be careful—there’s a twist. When he was working at KRLD in Dallas in 1997, he was involved in some turmoil for saying things that offended some of the listeners.

He didn’t let it deter him, though. No, he persisted and launched the “Court of Public Opinion” program on San Diego’s KOGO radio station.

What happened to Rick Roberts on WBAP
What happened to Rick Roberts on WBAP?

He achieved fame when, in 2002, he spoke extensively about a significant murder case and people couldn’t stop listening.

Go back to Texas

In 2016, Rick returned to Texas and was hired to broadcast the afternoon program on WBAP. He spoke a wide range of topics that sparked conversation.

Do you still recall the “I want my country back” speech? Yes, that was him discussing issues like crime, the loss of employment, and the need for people to be careful with their language.

He didn’t only work his afternoon shift when he was on WBAP. No, he further substituted for Red Eye Radio and Michael Savage. He has worked in many different places and is an expert in his field.

The Great Unknown

But here’s the thing: Rick just up and left one day. There will be no more small talk, arguments, or afternoon hangouts. And what’s this? Nobody has actually revealed the reason he departed. It resembles a secret that nobody wants to share.

As a result, there are many unanswered questions that remain. Was he heard saying anything? some action he took? Nobody can be certain.

Everybody is just waiting, wondering, and hoping that someone will ultimately reveal what actually occurred. We’re all still racking our brains about Rick Roberts’ mysterious disappearance up to that point.

The Radio Hero, WBAP

Let’s now discuss the station. In the realm of radio, WBAP is like to an old acquaintance. It had been doing concerts and chattering nonstop for ages.

They identify as a “news/talk” station, which means they discuss current events and offer their thoughts on them.

WBAP is one of the oldest and most enduring radio stations in existence, having first broadcast in this area in 1922.

People listen to it like a loud voice that broadcasts news, weather reports, and other viewpoints. The station is owned by Cumulus Media, a sizable organization with a lot of experience in the radio industry.

People enjoy listening to WBAP because they often have intriguing things to say, especially if they are interested in politics and current events.

You can locate them online even though it’s on the radio. They have a website where you can discover more about them, catch up on things you missed, and listen to episodes.

Finally, The Radio Mystery Is Unsolved

You now know the answer to the question of what happened to WBAP’s Rick Roberts. He transitioned from practicing law to being a radio icon, and then all of a sudden he vanished.

We all have questions since no one has provided an explanation. But guess what? The unexpected twists and turns are a big part of what makes radio so enjoyable.

We’ll keep our ears open and our radios tuned in as we wait for the curtain to rise on this radio play and unveil the mysteries surrounding Rick’s departure. Who knows what Rick Roberts and WBAP’s future holds? Time will only tell.

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3 thoughts on “What happened to Rick Roberts on WBAP? The Mysterious Exit He Made So Quickly”

  1. Rick was a solid broadcaster – a voice of reason on the air.

    Listeners would’ve been much better served if the night-time WBAP personality had somehow vanished. His tiresome tirades and adolescent effects just don’t resonate with this listener.

  2. I was thinking since Rick recently had heart surgery, maybe it had something to do with his heart? Miss Rick and another person Chris Salcedo. What happened to Chris?

  3. My husband, and I always enjoyed listening to Rick Robert’s. We really miss him, and wish he was back on.
    He was so knowledgeable, and we agreeded upon everything he spoke about.
    He told the truth, the way most of us feel.
    We listened one day to the new host, and sorry to day he is not worth listening to. I feel that WPAP insisted, that Rick Roberts resign due to political reasons. It’s a lost shared by many. Please bring him back. Thank you.


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