What Happened to Luis Diaz? From Abduction to Emotional Reunion

The date of Luis Diaz’s birth is January 13, 1997. He is a professional football player from Colombia who plays left wing for both the Colombia national team and Liverpool in the Premier League.

Luis Díaz started his career at Barranquilla in the Colombian Second Division. In 2018, Díaz debuted for Colombia in senior international competitions. Díaz proposed to his girlfriend, Gera Ponce, in July 2023.

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp Show Their Support

There were only indications of support and encouragement for Luis Díaz and his difficult personal situation during Liverpool’s match against Nottingham Forest, which finished 3-0 in the ‘Reds” favor.

Not only did the supporters show their support for the Colombian, but Jurgen Klopp did as well.

The background is somewhat convoluted because, on Saturday, October 28, the winger from La Guajira’s parents were abducted while passing through the town where they have always resided in a van.

While Lucho’s mother was freed by the police after they responded promptly, his father was compelled to board a motorcycle and be transported to an unidentified location.

Diaz did not play in the game on Sunday, October 29, because of this, leaving many to wonder what would happen at Anfield.

The game was crucial for Liverpool to keep their composure and avoid falling farther behind Tottenham in the Premier League, but it was also well-known that the contest was rife with sentiments unrelated to sports.

What Happened to Luis Diaz?

Luis Diaz’s parents were arrested by a criminal organization, according to the sources, while they were enjoying their son’s match in Colombia.

His mother was released in a few hours but his father was kept hostage for a few days and he had to beg the kidnappers to free up his father.

What Happened to Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz

After his parents were released by the kidnappers, there had been a police and military search in that area.

The Colombian police arrested four people for being suspicious of the kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s parents. Nobody has figured out yet why any of these things would happen to his parents and him.

Mr. Díaz was detained until November 9th, at which point he was turned over to representatives of the Catholic Church and the United Nations by the National Liberation Army (ELN).

At first, the police stated that the kidnapping was probably the work of a criminal gang.

Luis Díaz’s Father Spoke After Kidnapping

In an emotional interview, he told reporters, “I would not want anyone to be on that mountain in the situation I was in.” On October 28, Mr. Díaz was kidnapped from his family’s Colombian hometown of Barrancas.

His 58-year-old father said that those days when he was kept as a hostage were some of the very difficult days of his life.

According to some local news, four people have been arrested by the Columbian police as they were suspected of being responsible for Luis Diaz’s parent’s kidnapping.

There have been reports saying that a criminal organization known as ‘los primos’ ended with the effort of Colombian and British authorities.

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