Is Forrester leaving FBI International?

CBS drama series FBI: International follows a group of FBI special agents as they look into crime and terrorism abroad.

The program is an FBI spinoff that follows FBI: Most Wanted as the third instalment in Dick Wolf and Derek Haas’ FBI series. 

Scott Forrester, portrayed by Luke Kleintank, is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent and the leader of the international Fly Team, a team of top-notch special agents with a base in Budapest, Hungary, who track down and eliminate threats against American interests throughout Europe.

Who is Leaving FBI International 2023?

Ken Dandridge, the leader of the FBI’s International Fly Team, has been threatening to fire Special Agent Scott Forrester for weeks.

In this week’s episode, Forrester and Dandridge argued once more, with Dandridge keeping track of the time until Forrester must relinquish his position as team captain.

To exert pressure on Forrester and persuade him to change his methods, the Legal Attaché at the American Embassy in Budapest even solicited the help of a senator from the United States.

Is Forrester leaving FBI International?

The answer is no. Forrester will continue to work for FBI: International. Forrester is absent from a few episodes of FBI: International season 2 because the actor who plays him, Luke Kleintank, was on paternity leave following the birth of his daughter, Ruby Roland Kleintank, with his wife, Christina Vignaud, in October 2022, according to an interview with Give Me My Remote that Forrester’s creator, Derek Haas, who also created FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, gave in December 2022.

Is Forrester leaving FBI International
Is Forrester leaving FBI International?

Haas remarked, “Luke had a baby—he’s an awesome guy and dad.” We created this story arc keeping in mind that he would need some time to adjust to fatherhood after having a newborn. Of all, we’re a big family and a family-friendly corporation, as anyone who works here will attest, including me as a father.

“We decided, okay, for the episodes he’s going to be off, let’s do two things,” he continued. “First, each character may be developed and given a few episodes where they can stand out on their own. And two, jeopardise Forrester’s professional future. He will be curious why he keeps changing jobs and isn’t working with the Fly Team. As a result, the second half will have a strong character arc.”

Why Forrester’s Absence Was Good For Vo And Kellett

The Fly Team stayed local during the week to assist the Hungarian National Police after one of the officers appeared to get dirty. The circumstantial evidence appeared to support Kellett’s new boyfriend.

Because Vo was in charge of the mission, this left Kellett in a problematic situation. Vo had to decide if she could rely on Kellett to be objective and develop decision-making skills when she was the only one with the final say.

Although things were tight between Vo and Kellett for most of the episode, the younger agent ultimately decided to have faith in Kellett to manage her feelings and carry out the case investigation to the best of her abilities.

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