General Hospital Spoilers: Dex’s Past Actions Reveal Secrets and Moral Dilemmas

In the latest General Hospital (GH) episode, Dex’s candid revelations about his tumultuous upbringing and disdain for infidelity shed light on his complex character.

However, viewers are left perplexed by Dex’s contradictory stance on cheating, given his past actions and involvement in Josslyn’s affair.

Revelations of Dex’s Turbulent Past

Dex talked candidly with Josslyn and shared memories of his upbringing. Dex admitted that the tension between his parents made Christmas difficult.

The admission provided additional details about Dex’s father, whom he voiced grievances against.

Dex was upset with his mother for continuing to be with the man because he insisted that his dad was a real SOB who constantly cheated on her.

Dex's Past Actions Reveal Secrets and Moral Dilemmas

Dex did not worship his haughty father, who was determined to win at all costs, unlike his brothers.

Because Dex confided in Josslyn, she loved him even more, and we appreciated learning more about Dex’s past.

Dex’s decision to be so opposed to cheating, though, seems strange given his past on the show. It takes two to tango, even though Josslyn was the one who technically cheated on Cameron!

Connecting the Dots, Mr. Brennan’s Role

At the time, Josslyn could not have betrayed her boyfriend if Dex had not been a willing participant.

Someone who is so opposed to infidelity ought to have put a stop to Josslyn’s relationship with Cam and forced her to break it off before anything negative could have happened.

Rather, Josslyn did not end her relationship with Cameron until after she had slept with Dex and fallen in love with him. During the course of that storyline, Dex did not seem to give a damn.

Even at moments when Dex pretended to be arrogant about getting closer to Josslyn without telling Cam! Of course, the truth is that GH writers simply hadn’t invented all of Dex’s backstory yet.

Probably something they made up to work with a new plot, this revelation about Dex’s father’s infidelity. We can make the connection if Mr. Brennan is indeed Dex’s father.

Mr. Brennan has been making advances toward Carly, which may be consistent with Dex’s account of his father constantly making advances toward other women and inciting arguments with his mother.

Since Mr. Brennan is conceited and will stop at nothing to succeed, he likewise satisfies the other aspects of Dex’s father’s profile.

In any case, Dex still merits criticism for his dishonest behavior because this is the course the authors took with him.

Dex was a major character in a cheating storyline, so it does not make sense that he would be so incensed about cheating.

Fans of Dex have been criticizing him harshly on social media for this regrettable tale. Taking into account the suffering that Cam endured and the fact that Dex knowingly added to that suffering makes it seem hollow.

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