What happened to Kevin on General Hospital? A Tale of Twins and Secrets

Take a trip through the complex plot of the fictional character Dr. Kevin Collins, who has spent decades gracing the settings of ABC’s General Hospital and its spin-off Port Charles.

Kevin, portrayed by Jon Lindstrom, has a story full of turns involving a serial killer, an identical twin, and long-standing secrets.

This article explains the character’s past, from his inception in 1993 to the most recent occurrences that have influenced his intricate relationships and ongoing endurance.

Come along as we examine the compelling story of Kevin Collins from General Hospital, a character who has had a lasting impact on the soap opera genre.

Who is Kevin?

A fictitious character from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital and its previous spin-off Port Charles is named Dr. Kevin Collins, MD.

He is the identical twin brother of Ryan Chamberlain, the infamous serial killer.

On General Hospital, he was played by actor Jon Lindstrom from December 1993 until May 1997. Lindstrom moved the character to the spin-off Port Charles on June 1, 1997, and he stayed there until the show’s October 3, 2003, finale.

Kevin on General Hospital
Kevin’s journey from his inception in 1993 to recent occurrences.

On July 16, 2004, Lindstrom appeared on General Hospital in a special capacity as Kevin and Lucy went back to attend the burial of their dear friend Lila Quartermaine.

Additionally, Lindstrom played Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin’s identical twin brother, from 1992 until 1995. From 2008 to 2010, Lindstrom also portrayed Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns.

On January 30, 2013, Lindstrom made a comeback to General Hospital as Kevin.

What happened to Kevin on General Hospital?

Kevin aimed to cure Ryan but faced danger when Ryan, his identical twin, took his place, leading to dramatic events like bomb threats at a wedding and the kidnapping of a character named Georgie Jones.

A significant twist occurred when Kevin’s twin, Ryan, who was thought to be dead, resurfaced. Ryan took Kevin’s place again, leading to the dissolution of Kevin’s marriage to Laura Webber.

Kevin Collins has a lot of history that younger viewers might not be aware of because he has been on General Hospital and its spinoff for decades.

The role was first presented in 1993, with Jon Lindstrom in the lead role. Kevin was a major character on Port Charles from 1997 to 2003.

He also made a brief appearance during Lila Quartermaine’s funeral in 2004. In 2013, Lindstrom made a comeback to GH on a recurrent basis.

General Hospital
Kevin Collins

However, when he was unable to film in 2015, Anthony Starke filled the part temporarily. Kevin takes a lick and continues to tick even though his life is repeatedly in danger.

Upon his arrival in Port Charles, psychiatrist Kevin Collins intended to cure serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who was his exact twin.

Following multiple visits to his brother in the psychiatric hospital, Ryan took Kevin’s place and knocked him out. Luckily, Kevin was able to get away and quickly intervened to prevent Ryan from setting off a bomb during Mac and Felicia’s wedding!

Ryan escaped after being locked up once more and pretended to be Kevin in order to kidnap Georgie Jones, Felicia’s daughter. Kevin felt bad for Ryan’s death in the fire, even though he had assisted in the girl’s rescue.

Kevin Cassadine was shot by Valentin Cassadine while attempting to save Laura Webber after he assisted her in deciphering the clues Helena Cassadine had left for her.

This led to their union, and at Christmas of 2017, Laura and Kevin tied the knot. However, when Kevin went to see his brother Ryan at Ferncliff, who was still alive, things took a turn for the worse as the serial murderer once again exchanged places with him!

Ryan devastated Kevin’s life by divorcing Laura and committing another murder when he was incarcerated at the mental health facility.

Like all the other twins in Port Charles, Kevin experienced brief blindness, but he wasn’t able to regain his sight until he was able to flee with Laura’s assistance.

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