Is Esme leaving the General hospital?

Meet Esme Prince, the captivating yet manipulative character portrayed by Avery Pohl in the popular soap opera, General Hospital.

Esme’s entrance into the fictional world of Port Charles ignited a whirlwind of drama, particularly through her turbulent relationship with Spencer Cassadine.

As her storyline unfolds with treachery and suspense, fans are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the fate of this enigmatic antagonist.

Who is Esme Prince?

Esme Prince is a character in the soap opera General Hospital portrayed by actress Avery Pohl who shows both diaphnicity and manipulation.

Esme was presented to the viewers as a newcomer to the fictional setting of Port Charles, where she manifested her ‘cute’ face while concealing an undesirable side.

Her coming made a lot of drama – yet one of the most noticeable was to younger characters, during this blockbuster series.

Is Esme leaving the General hospital
Esme’s Dramatic Departure Unveiled.

The most distinguishing plot centered on Esme is adoration relationships with Spencer Cassadine, the core character in this series.

Their relationship is open to high risk, as she knows the extent to which Esme can stoop to win power and control over him.

She is a formidable foe who is often calculating in her pursuits in which the interests of others succeed Spencer’s friends and family are always losing out.

All through her run on the show, Esme has been portrayed as manipulative and dangerous; a treacherous person who could be destroyed but with deceptive methods.

Her actions have resulted in disorder and chaos by causing insurable conflicts with characters like Carlile, and Simpson.

Esme’s character is a strange personality with a mission that is not clear, that has inspired love and hate feelings among the viewers.

Is Esme leaving the General hospital?

Despite this still not being very stark to claim as the fate of Esme, ending her painting journey on a canvas will surely have some impact on the lives of those individuals that she interacted with.

Characters have come back in the show from presumed deaths; therefore, there is a possibility that Esme can be resurrected and will haunt subsequent narratives of the show to scare people.

Her character evoked mystery and suspense which helped to retain viewers’ interest in the show as they wanted to know what would happen within the plot.

Avery Pohl
Avery Pohl

As of this writing, it is still unclear as to whether Esme’s absence will be a short-term or long-term turn of events but with that said, her presence as an imposing antagonist shall never fail to remain an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of fans and even residents alike in Port Charles.

The character Esme in the General Hospital series of late was presented with another one of the most engaging recounting scenes in which Avery Pohl played.

Esme, a notorious treacherous character, and noted troublemaker was involved in a very challenging situation with Spencer and Trina who were one of the core characters of the show.

What happened to Esme Prince?

Following an intriguing and violent collision on a yacht with Esme Prince was seen as the end of her dramatic role in General Hospital.

Avery Pohl portrays Esme who tried to make him jealous; and spread rumors about Spencer, Bill Collins, and Trina Robinson that she was with some of the characters.

With tensions drawing to a head, Esme’s spark of treachery finally sets out the stage for a dangerous clash that would end in her demise.

In one of the challenges that occurred on the yacht, Esme with satanic intentions held a drugged needle aimed at painfully injecting Spencer and Trina.

Nevertheless, her dreams were short-lived when Spencer smashed his head into hers and deposed her. Caught in a furious workshop both Spencer and Esme fell over the ship’s side dropping into the ruthless depth of ocean below them.

However, the show left somewhat vague exact causes leading to Esme’s death: Although it did not reveal to TV audiences how exactly she died.

Nevertheless, the inference is pointing at Esme’s fatality due to jumping off the terrace for which her storyline on General Hospital comes to a permanent closure.

The outcome of the climax plot point was remarkably dramatic, with a resolution that left viewers hanging on to their chairs in anticipation, as they awaited for the development that followed.

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