Is Hayden coming back to General Hospital?

Hey, Hayden fans!

I know you are worried about Hayber leaving the show and waiting for him to be back. But what will happen? Let’s see whether he will make his fans happy by his coming back or make them miss him more.

A Glimpse Of Hayden In General Hospital

General Hospital is one of the most famous American television programs. It debuted in 1963 and has now aired for 50 seasons.

Hayden Barnes has grown to rank among the audience’s most beloved characters since his introduction in 2015. Although Rebecca Budig played this role, her character arc was nothing but ups and downs.

Hayden found who she is!

Elizabeth just had a challenging experience at General Hospital. She is discovering her relationship with Reiko, Finn’s wife, and some sinister family secrets. Speaking of Finn and Elizabeth’s family, another name immediately comes to mind.

Hayden! She will be remembered by viewers as Finn’s Babymama and Elizabeth’s half-sister! We last saw her at General Hospital three years ago. That could soon change, though! To find out what happened, keep reading!

She had a connection with Finn and Jeff. But after being persuaded by her ex-lover Nikolas Cassadine that his cousin Valentin Cassadine was pursuing her blood, the damsel managed to flee Port Charles. Oh, sorry, we meant to imply that Nikolas LYED to her about Valentin intending to murder her.

Will You Be Back, Hayden?

Hayden left General Hospital anyway because he believed Nik was speaking the truth. Violet, their little daughter, and Finn remained in Port Charles. Later, Finn began dating Elizabeth, who was Hayden’s half-sister.

She undoubtedly missed out on a lot of changes in the community and, more crucially, in the life of her daughter during Hayden’s absence. Not to mention the chaos in Victoria’s life, which has occurred. So if you ask us, right now would be the ideal moment for Hayden to come back!

What fun would it be to add another bullet while Nikolas at General Hospital is already worried? With Esme as his baby’s mother, the Cassadine heir already has a lot on his plate. He also has to prevent Ava from learning the truth about Esme.

Once Spencer returns home, the situation will only worsen, and Nik will have to work on his connection with his son while keeping his possible involvement in the pregnancy of his son’s ex-girlfriend a secret.

Just picture Hayden returning and adding even more traumatic exposé to that list! When Valentin learns that Nik exploited his name to force Hayden out of town, Nik could also rub Valentin the wrong way!

If asked, Hayden, played by actress Rebecca Budig, says she would be willing to return to General Hospital. The creators of the only remaining ABC soap haven’t yet contacted her.

Is Hayden coming back to General Hospital
Is Hayden coming back to General Hospital?

We hope the producers give it some thought, given the potential benefits Hayden’s comeback may have on Port Charles. Watch ABC during the workweek to learn what happens next at General Hospital.

Unfortunately, the soap hasn’t been in touch with Budig, who will be seen on Sunday, December 4, in CBS’ Fit for Christmas. She claims, “I haven’t heard anything from the show, but I would always be open to returning.” And as always, it is more a matter of when than if the program will bring Hayden back.

Rebecca Budig – A Few Words

Rebecca Budig, an actress, thanked all of her admirers for continuing to chat about her and her General Hospital persona. She revealed to Soap Opera Digest that her fans want her to return to General Hospital as Hayden. 

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