Who is leaving Blue Bloods in 2023: Characters saying goodbye

Although most of the Blue Bloods characters will be back in the upcoming season, some of the actors will be leaving after S13, and we most recently saw them in the finale.

A sizable and devoted fan base for Blue Bloods has developed over the years, made up of people who are deeply invested in the lives of their favorite characters and who eagerly anticipate new episodes.

One fantastic achievement that many other shows can not take real pride in is the fact that the Blue Bloods family is much larger than just the Reagans.

Blue Bloods, a treat for the legal show’s lovers

The first episode of the well-known American police procedural drama television series Blue Bloods aired on September 24, 2010. The Reagan family, who are committed to law enforcement, are the focus of the New York City-based television series. The Reagan family has a history of working for the police, and the series focuses on both their personal and professional lives.

Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the police commissioner and head of the Reagan family. He serves as the show’s central character. The other family members are Frank’s father Henry Reagan (played by Len Cariou), a retired police commissioner, his sons Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes), as well as his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan), an assistant district attorney.

The Reagan family’s conversations at the dinner table, where they share their opinions on justice and law enforcement, frequently center the show. The procedural crime-solving drama Blue Bloods explores moral conundrums and the difficulties faced by police officers and prosecutors. It also features elements of family drama.

The show Blue Bloods has developed a devoted following and received praise for its strong ensemble cast, sharp scripts, and accurate depiction of the Reagan family dynamics throughout its run. The program has a reputation for tackling contemporary issues in criminal justice and law enforcement while giving viewers a close-up look at the characters’ private lives.

Blue Bloods was renewed for a second season despite difficulties, which pleased the series’ fans who had been anxiously awaiting the news about S14. Since the show’s creators and producers share the same love for it as its audience, they did not mind the pay cuts, which cost the cast and the production team 25% of their salaries.

Now that the show has been declared saved, it is time to get into the details and find out what to anticipate from the upcoming season. While we can’t predict whether or what the overarching plot will be, we can be certain that the character arcs will proceed normally. For those characters, at least, who will return?

Which cast members of Blue Bloods will return for S14 were specified in the press release announcing the show’s official renewal, and it is clear who won’t.

Who is leaving Blue Bloods in 2023?

We have learned that Abigail Hawk, Dylan Walsh, Tony Terraciano, Steve Schirripa, and Gregory Jbara will not be returning in the new season.

Who is leaving Blue Bloods in 2023
Who is leaving Blue Bloods in 2023?

1. Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker)

On the American police procedural drama television program “Blue Bloods,” Abigail Hawk portrays Detective Abigail Baker.

She has been a part of the main cast since the first season, which premiered in 2010.

Hawk’s character, Detective Baker, is the personal assistant to the Police CoBut given that there have been no rumors of her leaving, she will likely carry on portraying Detective Abigail Baker in the future. s throughout the series. When it comes to her boss and his family, Baker is renowned for her wit, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty.

Abigail Hawk might leave the show. She will likely keep playing Detective Abigail Baker in the future, though, since there have been no reports of her leaving. In a previous interview conducted a few years ago, the actress spoke highly of the friendly and welcoming work environment on the set of ‘Blue Bloods’ and expressed her enjoyment of working with her co-stars throughout the years.

2. Dylan Walsh (Mayor Chase)

In the most recent Blue Bloods episode, viewers were left perplexed as to how Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), who used a risky maneuver against the mayor, got away with it. When Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) suggested an idealistic new strategy to protect the city’s immigrant population, the NYPD commissioner stood up against him in the 18th episode of season 13 of Family Matters.

The mayor protested against the police department’s reduced funding by giving Frank orders to station his already overworked officers near refugee tents. Later, the mayor gave Chase a bill of services live on camera.

This risky move will undoubtedly prove divisive amongst the city and fans, who were left wondering what Chase’s counter-attack could involve. One fan on Reddit, u/u/axarce, speculated: “I am amazed that Frank was not fired for that stunt. The cat does not let the child sleep alone and when the parents find out why, they call the police.

I understand that they frequently argue, but Frank went too far in trying to harm the mayor’s reputation in front of the media. In addition to making his feelings for the new mayor abundantly clear, Frank has also made their conflict public, which could have negative effects on the New York police. “But instead it escalated their war in the press and one of them is going to lose.”

3. Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan)

Over 180 episodes of “Blue Bloods” have featured Jack Reagan (Tony Terraciano), but he has been strangely absent since the episode “Hate is Hate” in 2021, and he only made an appearance in one episode in 2020, “Atonement” (per IMDb).

Jack is the oldest child of Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson). The intriguing similarity between the two is explained by the fact that his real-life brother Andrew Terraciano portrays his fictional brother Sean Reagan on the well-known television series.

As was previously mentioned, Jack was last seen by viewers in the Season 12 debut episode. Within the framework of the show, Jack is torn between wanting to be a doctor or a Marine, but his father Danny persuaded him to enroll in college and consider his options.

There is still a chance that the actor will return to “Blue Bloods” in a bigger role once his schedule permits him because the character has not yet been officially written out of the show and because of the information we currently have about the actor in real life.

If Jack decides to follow in his family’s footsteps, we might even witness the emergence of the next generation of Reagan law enforcement agents. We might see Jack Reagan a lot more in the future since “Blue Bloods” has already been renewed for two more seasons.

4. Steve Schirripa (Anthony Abetemarco)

Although the actor who plays the native New Yorker, Steven Schirripa, has made no announcements regarding his departure from the program, we have assumed that he will not be returning for this season.

Anthony chose to follow a burglar who had been let out of jail despite Erin’s clear orders not to, as we saw in the season finale of “Bones to Pick,” which aired in the fall. The investigator stopped the thug for attempted grand larceny after the criminal broke into a car while he was in the neighborhood where the criminal lived.

When Erin reprimanded Anthony for following the man and arresting him for a misdemeanor, Anthony responded, “Proof positive he is the animal I said he was.” As the robber descended a fire escape after committing a second robbery and being released from custody twice, Anthony came across him.

The ensuing chase resulted in the police officer being struck twice in the chest. He was fortunate enough to be wearing a bulletproof vest, which allowed him to escape with only minor injuries. But in the episode’s concluding scene with Anthony, Erin stomped out of the hospital room. Will the couple be able to move on from this trust-based betrayal?

5. Gregory Jbara (Deputy Commissioner Moore)

Gregory Jbara has played Garrett Moore on 197 of Blue Blood’s 235 episodes, but there have been rumors that he might leave the series. The show’s protagonist, Jbara, is friends with Selleck’s Frank Reagan, the police commissioner, and holds the position of NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

Their bond would be put to the test in the eleventh season when Garrett made a contentious press statement. During the argument between Moore and Reagan, Jbara’s character tries to give his boss a sealed envelope. Reagan rejected the package because he thought it contained Moore’s letter of resignation.

According to The Cinemaholic, it turned out to be Moore retracting his earlier statement. For the friends, disagreements are nothing new, and it does not seem like Jbara will soon leave the adored show.

As you can see, we have suffered some terrible losses despite the majority of the cast returning for Season 14 in their roles. Since Hawk was not included in the cast list for the upcoming season, we can assume that Baker was also lost. This is a huge disappointment because Baker has always been the most adored supporting character.

And here we were hoping that in S14, she would finally get a good storyline all to herself! People, let us remember the show is the most expressive eyes. We will certainly miss her.

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Blue Bloods – FAQs

Why did Linda leave Blue Bloods?

Amy Carlson chose not to extend her seven-year agreement, which came to an end at the conclusion of Season 7. Despite not giving a clear reason for her departure at the time, the actress thanked her fans and her character on Instagram on September 29, 2017.

Is Blue Bloods canceled for 2023?

Blue Bloods will return to CBS in 2023–2024 for its 14th season, making it one of the network’s longest-running dramas. Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes, who were among the series’ original stars, as well as the show’s top producers under the direction of showrunner Kevin Wade, are all expected to return.

Why was Nikki replaced on Blue Bloods?

Over the course of the first 10 seasons of the CBS drama, Sami Gayle played Nicky Reagan, the daughter of Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan). When Nicky moved to San Francisco in the show, the actress, who was a Columbia University student at the time, took some time to concentrate on her studies.

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