Did Carmen and Corey break up?

YouTube has grown to become a popular way for creators such as Carmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett Jr. to connect with their followers.

With more than 4,000,000 subscribers, their journey started in 2016.

While their initial specialty was prank videos, question-and-answer sessions, and vlogs, what really put them aside was their credibility in associating with their fans.

As of late, there have been gossipy tidbits about disloyalty, prompting inquiries concerning the situation with Carmen and Corey’s relationship. Continue reading for answers to your questions regarding their relationship.

Carmen and Corey’s YouTube Start

A chance meeting that led to stardom In 2016, when Corey first messaged Carmen on Facebook, he didn’t intend to start a new relationship.

Their companionship developed from that point, despite the fact that they were chasing after various ways at that point.

Did Carmen and Corey break up?
Carmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett Jr.

Carmen worked in a car plant while Corey was focusing on his music profession. After a short time, they mutually made their YouTube channel, ‘Carmen and Corey.’

YouTube Fame of Carmen and Corey

Their underlying ascent to popularity came from engaging prank videos. Over the long haul, they expanded their substance with different difficulties and vlogs.

Their channel also helped to spread the word about Corey’s music.

In October 2018, their first child, C.J., was conceived, denoting a huge second in their relationship.

In 2020, Carmen and Corey chose to seal the deal and had plans for a terrific festival with loved ones.

Did Carmen and Corey break up?

Yes Carmen and Corey brokeup. Carmen and Corey are, as of now, not together.

Notwithstanding conquering past relationship challenges, ongoing occasions prompted a definitive separation.

In a video named ‘She CHEATED…. I’m done!’ on their channel, Corey and Carmen straightforwardly shared their complaints.

It became clear that Carmen had additionally been faithless. Accordingly, Corey decided to end the marriage, a choice Carmen appeared to concur with earnestly.

Did Carmen and Corey break up
Did Carmen and Corey break up?

Another video showed Corey with two ladies in a Miami hot tub, confirming the hopeless crack in their relationship.

Carmen recognized that the main positive result of their marriage was their youngsters. They even eliminated their wedding bands and decided to impart the news to their YouTube crowd.

About Carmen and Corey

On October 16, 1998, Carmen Pritchett was born in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island that is a U.S. territory. She has opted not to talk about her upbringing; thus, little is known about it.

She did, however, migrate to the American mainland after finishing high school in 2016, as is known.

Prior to meeting Corey Pritchett Jr. in November 2016, who introduced her to YouTube, she had been working in a car manufacturing facility.

Corey posts videos about his games and vehicles on the well-liked personal channel “Life with Corey!”.

They achieved global internet celebrity after their June 2017 prank film “PERIOD PRANK (Gone Wrong)” went viral. Since it was initially released, the 12-minute film has received over 12 million views.

The channel has received close to 550 million views overall. Pritchett launched her own YouTube channel in 2018 while she was expecting their first child.

She became well-known on the platform by broadcasting videos about her pregnancy. Across all of her channels, she has uploaded more than 500 videos.

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