Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 23: Ava’s Claims, Tripp and Wendy’s Decision, and Honeymoon Awkwardness

In the gripping world of Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Wednesday, August 23rd, takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

Ava’s fragile mental state raises doubts about her credibility, while Tripp and Wendy contemplate a significant step in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Dimitri and Leo navigate a complex situation, and a mystery visitor shakes the DiMera mansion. Join us as we delve into the intriguing storylines that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Ava’s Unsteady Claims: Trust and Turmoil

Ava will not be regarded as the most trustworthy source of information, according to Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Wednesday, August 23. This is because of her precarious mental state.

Ava will make some astounding claims, but it will be debatable whether to believe her account of events. When people question Ava’s credibility, she becomes upset because she sometimes has trouble telling the difference between reality and fantasy.

Fans of DOOL can anticipate Harris comforting Ava by wrapping his arms around her soon enough.

Could Susan’s survival have anything to do with Ava’s astounding claims, though? Susan may still be alive, according to Days spoilers, so Ava may have remembered something that suggests she did not die in the car accident.

However, Ava will experience some of her typical hallucinations and worry that she is about to lose control in the worst way possible.

Tripp and Wendy’s Crossroads: An Important Decision

Tripp and Wendy will consider a significant decision next on Wednesday’s episode of Days. Given that Li always gets in the way, particularly now that he is romantically involved with Melinda, it sounds like Wendy and Tripp will think about getting their place together.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 23: Ava's Claims, Tripp and Wendy's Decision, and Honeymoon Awkwardness

Tripp will likely get a frantic call at some point, so he might learn that Ava’s hallucinations have gotten worse once more. Tripp might be extremely concerned about Ava and how she is faring at Bayview after hearing the news.

Leo, Dimitri, and Honeymoon Secrets

According to Other Days spoilers, Gwen will interfere with a private moment of intimacy between Dimitri and Leo as the awkward honeymoon situation persists.

Leo and Dimitri will once more be able to rationalize their actions, keeping Gwen ignorant of their relationship for the time being.

Dimitri rushed into his marriage just before the deadline to inherit the Von Leuschner fortune; however, there will be doubts about the legitimacy of his union.

Dimitri might receive a call informing him that his union is being looked into. No matter what happens, a man by the name of Elliot will visit the DiMera mansion and run into Kristen, who will try her hardest to stand in for Dimitri and maintain her position as the Von Leuschner pie.

Gabriel’s Determination: Uncovering the Truth

To confirm that Dimitri’s marriage is legitimate, Elliot will also speak with Gabi and Stefan while he is in town.

Naturally, Gabi is getting closer to learning the truth about Dimitri’s encounters with Leo while they were in bed. Kristen will make an effort to keep her knowledge to herself, but Gabi has promised to find out what Kristen is hiding.

Gabi and Stefan will undoubtedly solve this mystery eventually because a lot is riding on Dimitri’s fake marriage. Watch this space as Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Dimitri will need to maneuver out of some awkward situations!

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