The Bold And The Beautiful Cast: Main and Recurring Cast

Since the show’s first episode on March 23, 1987, many people have come and gone from the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful, but the Forrester, Logan, and Spencer families have always been there.

Forrester Creations, a fashion company in Los Angeles, and, to a lesser extent, Spencer Publications are at the center of the show.

Many families have come and gone over the years, including the Marones and the Spectras, who were rivals in the fashion business.

The Marones may have left the canvas, but Massimo Marone is Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) father, so he can still claim Marone’s ancestry (Joseph Mascolo).

The Spectra Fashion company has closed down, but the Spectra family is still represented by Sally Spectra, the niece of the original Sally, who the late Darlene Conley played.

Maya Avant (played by Karla Mosley) and her sister Nicole Avant (played by Reign Edwards) are both transgender characters who recently married into the Forrester family. This makes the Avants the newest family to join the group.

Bold and Beautiful has become known for the love triangles between Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge Forrester, and Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle).

Fans have also been moved by other vital relationships on the CBS daytime drama. Many of the strongest bonds on Bold and the Beautiful have been forged out of the most unexpected beginnings, such as the rivalry between Brooke and Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery).

Also, on the daytime show, Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) and his right-hand man and best friend Justin Barber have been friends for a long time (Aaron D Spears).

Main cast

Krista AllenShelley
Taylor Hayes
Matthew AtkinsonThomas Forrester
Kimberlin BrownSheila Carter
Darin BrooksWyatt Spencer
Scott CliftonLiam Spencer
Delon de MetzZende Forrester Dominguez
Don DiamontBrad Carlton
Bill Spencer, Jr.
Sean KananDeacon Sharpe
Thorsten KayeRidge Forrester
Katherine Kelly LangBrooke Logan Forrester
John McCookEric Forrester
Annika NoelleHope Logan Spencer
Tanner NovlanJohn Finnegan
Lawrence Saint-VictorCarter Walton
Heather TomKatie Logan
Diamond WhiteParis Buckingham
Jacqueline MacInnes WoodSteffy Forrester Finnegan
The Bold And The Beautiful cast

Recurring cast

Katrina BowdenFlo Fulton
Dick ChristieCharlie Webber
Cassandra CreechGrace Buckingham
Jennifer GareisDonna Logan
Sophia Paras McKinlayKelly Spencer
Ashley JonesBridget Forrester
Ted KingJack Finnegan
Dan MartinLieutenant Baker
Naomi MatsudaLi Finnegan
Alley MillsPamela Douglas
Denise RichardsShauna Fulton
Aaron D. SpearsJustin Barber
Henry Joseph SamiriDouglas Forrester
Jeremy Ray ValdezAlex Sanchez
Piper HarriotHayes Finnegan
The Bold And The Beautiful

The cast of The Bold and The Beautiful

Since its 1987 debut, The Bold And The Beautiful has aired more than 8,000 episodes.

Cast of The Bold and The Beautiful
Cast of The Bold and The Beautiful

Even though many original actors have left or been killed, the drama has been going on and will continue. So there are many who have left the show and also some new actors also joined.

Who are Returning?

Tedd King as Jack Finnegan

Ted King won an Emmy for being a great guest actor on the show The Bold And The Beautiful.

He returned on July 6 as Jack Finnegan, who was looking for information about his “dead” son.

Naomi Matsuda as Li Finnegan

Since August 2, 2021, Naomi Matsuda, an actress who is both Japanese and American, has been on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Jackie Finnegan, Jack’s wife, who he left, is her character.

Matthew Atkinson as Thomas Forrester

In the 35th season of the show, Matthew Atkinson is back as Thomas Forrester, the son who goes off the rails.

Drew Tyler Bell, Adam Gregory, and Pierson Fodé have all played the role at different times.

In 2019, Atkinson moved into his new job.

Throughout the show, the main character has been in many dangerous situations, like being taken prisoner and left on a desert island.

Katrina Bowden as Flo Fulton Logan

Flo was the name of Storm Logan’s and Shauna Fulton’s daughter.

In 2019, she acted like she was Beth Spencer’s mother.

While in The Bold And The Beautiful, Flo has been taken hostage, knocked out cold, and given a kidney.

Flo will return to TV in 2022 after going dark in 2021.

Darin Brooks as Wyatt Spencer

Darin Brooks plays Wyatt Spencer, Bill Spencer, Jr., and Quinn Fuller’s oldest child.

The first time the character was seen was in 2013.

Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter

This season, Kimberlin Brown is back as the divisive character Sheila Carter.

Sheila has done some strange things in the past, like threatening the Forrests and James with a gun.

Even with her son Finn, she shows no mercy.

In the episode on April 1, 2022, she planned to kill Steffy Forrester, Finn’s wife.

But Finn and Steffy got caught in the middle of Sheila’s gunfire and were severely hurt.

Sheila was arrested and taken into police custody, but it’s unclear if she will get out of jail.

Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer III

Scott Clifton is back as Liam Spencer III, Hope’s husband.

Over the past few seasons, fans have seen Liam try to be a better husband to Katie, but his one-night stand with Steffy just added more drama and led to another paternity test.

The first time the character was seen was in 2010.

Don Diamont as Bill Spencer Jr.

Don Diamont is back as the main character’s father, Bill Spencer Jr.

2009 was the first time the character was seen.

Delon de Metz as Zende Forrester Dominguez

The son of Kristen Forrester and Tony Dominguez, Zende Forrester Dominguez, is played again by Delon de Metz.

Since its start in 2001, Daniel Smith and Rome Flynn have taken on the role.

Jennifer Gareis as Donna Logan

Jennifer Gareis will play the part of Donna Logan once more.

Carrie Mitchum portrayed the role when it was created in 1987.

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester

Thorsten Kaye is the one to watch as Ridge Forrester in THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Ronn Moss played the role for the first time in 1987. Since then, a lot of time has passed.

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan

Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke Logan, will be back for more episodes.

Lang has played Brooke, one of the show’s four main characters since the first episode aired in 1987.

John McCook as Eric Forrester

John McCook will play Eric Forrester once more.

McCook has played Brooke since the show started in 1987 and has also played Eric since the character was introduced.

Alley Mills as Pamela Douglas

Stephanie’s sister, Pamela Douglas, is played by Alley Mills.

Mills has played the part since the show’s first episode, which aired in 2006.

Annika Noelle as Hope Logan

Annika Noelle plays Hope Logan, the daughter of Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe. She is back for this season.

Since her first show in 2002, Rachel and then Amanda Pace have played the role.

Lawrence Saint-Victor as Carter Walton

Lawrence Saint-Victor, known for his role in a soap opera, plays Carter Walton.

In 2013, this position was made.

Heather Tom as Katie Logan

The role of Kate Logan, which Heather Tom used to play, has been returned.

The ex-wife of Bill Spencer Jr. and Thorne Forrester.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will play Steffy Forrester again. She is Finn’s on-and-off girlfriend and the mother of their child.

Alex Hoover was the first person to play the part when it was made in 1999.

Diamond White as Paris Buckingham

Diamond White will play Paris Buckingham once more.

Paris Buckingham is the younger sister of Reese and Zoe.

Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester

Ashley Jones will play Bridget Forrester again this season. She is the daughter of Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester.

In 1992, a new version of the character came out.

Tanner Novlan as Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan

Tanner Novlan will be back for the fourth season of B&B. He is best known for his role as Finn, Shiela’s son.

Before his mother shot and killed him, he made a brief appearance on April 1, 2022’s Friday show.

Even though he was considered dead then, many of his followers still hope he is alive today.

Finn’s mother almost killed him, just like a fan theory said she would.

Tanner Novlan’s May 23 appearance on The Talk revealed that Finn would be back.

Who are New?

Cassandra Creech as Dr. Grace Buckingham

This time, Grace Buckingham is played by Cassandra Creech, who is new to the show.

In January 2022, this character showed up for the first time.

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