The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Unraveling Relationships and Brooke’s Concerns for RJ and Luna

Recent episodes from The Bold and the Beautiful suggest that Brooke’s reservations about Luna, RJ’s love interest, may surface as she navigates through her children’s relationships.

Despite appearing supportive, Brooke’s underlying concerns about Luna’s suitability for RJ hint at potential conflicts ahead.

Brooke’s Qualms and Luna’s Unawareness

Brooke has not made any disparaging remarks about Luna. But in a recent episode, it appeared as though Brooke wished to qualify her comment that Luna “seemed” like a nice person with a “but.”

After deconstructing “Thope,” Brooke might proceed to undermine the RJ partnership. During a recent episode, Brooke broke up RJ and Luna’s private moment.

When Brooke finished her justification, she walked quickly to Ridge’s office, where he was meeting Carter. At the time, Brooke pretended that the rumor of RJ and Luna’s kissing was shocking office gossip. But Ridge simply arched an eyebrow and giggled at Brooke’s “gossip.”

RJ and Luna
As Brooke’s reservations about Luna, tensions rise in RJ and Luna’s budding romance.

Carter proceeded to tell Brooke that everyone in the office knew how RJ and Luna felt about each other. Brooke did not know this. Brooke conveyed some concern along with her apparent happiness for RJ.

Potential Conflict and Intervention

Luna might not even be aware that she has an enemy. Brooke said that Luna “seems” like a nice person to Ridge and Carter. Brooke seemed to be wishing he had the opportunity to qualify that statement with a “but.”

Ridge and Carter interrupted Brooke before she could say anything more. Despite everything, Brooke’s expression was extremely clear. Someone has a deep-seated animosity toward Luna.

Li might have tarnished Brooke’s impression of Luna. At the very least, Queen Li suggests that Brooke may already be aware of Poppy’s purported “reputation.”

Regardless, even before getting to know Luna, Brooke appears to be unsure about whether she is the right girl for RJ. As far as her children’s relationships are concerned, everyone knows that Brooke is extremely demanding. Brooke is incredibly upset right now because of Thomas and Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers
Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Brooke will probably focus on RJ and Luna after she settles the “Thope” proposal dispute. Does “Runa” have a chance to fight back, or will Brooke win out?

Is it possible that Brooke intends to include Zende Forrester in her plot to “disprove” Luna’s suitability for RJ? Especially if Brooke thinks Luna is “dangerous” to RJ’s safety, it seems like something she would do.

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