Young & Restless Spoilers December 19-23: What Will Happen Next?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the most recent episode for Monday, December 19, through Friday, December 23, indicate that a character from Phyllis’ past is also traveling to Genoa City.

Additionally, “Skyle” pull off a Christmas miracle, Nick gives Sally the nicest present imaginable, Adam defends an ex-girlfriend, and two lonely souls spend enough time together to arouse suspicions.

Well, at least our brows. Find out more about these teasers and other topics below.

A Quick Last Week Recap

Kyle and Jack confronted Jeremy Stark on Friday, and Daniel hired Phyllis.

Jack and Kyle are currently confronting Jeremy Stark after Phyllis. Could a “Who killed Jeremy?” murder mystery be on the horizon?

Only two letters separate Daniel’s new undertaking from an adventure.

The treachery by Summer shocks Phyllis. But honestly, should she be? Summer has repeatedly urged her mother to forgive Diane, but Phyllis has clung to her resentment with the same tenacity as we cling to the final box of wine at the liquor store.

Young & Restless spoilers week of December 19 to December 23

Y&R Uneasy Rant The bombshell from The Young and the Restless that will destroy Kyle and Jack. In addition, Sharon and Chance’s relationship, counseling, and more!

Young & Restless spoilers for December 19, Monday

Talk about the genuine meaning of Christmas between Victor and Nikki. You’re saying that one shouldn’t pursue their opponents with the same focus as a rocket heading straight for its target?

No mistletoe will be required when Nick and Sally talk about their Christmas plans; we have a feeling. Actually, we don’t think any clothing will be required either.

Chelsea receives an unexpected invitation from Adam. Hey, perhaps it’s still possible for him to make Santa’s good list after all!

Young & Restless spoilers for December 20, Tuesday

Ashley, who didn’t have much to begin with, now exhausts what little tolerance she has left for Jack’s devotion to Diane.

Audra strikes Elena as a rival. And we suppose that’s just one risk of dating a guy like Nate.

Young & Restless Spoilers December 19-23 What Will Happen Next
Young & Restless Spoilers December 19-23

Maybe until the new year, Billy and Victoria have shut off. Because it can take some time when they get down to talking about family issues!

Traci’s coworker Beth Maitland posts a happy “elfie” from a crazy-special night for her daughter.

Young & Restless spoilers for December 21, Wednesday

As Tucker is wont to do, Ashley and Jack get into a fight. The siblings must at least be relieved to have a quarrel to focus on other than Diane for a change.

When Sharon and Chance start getting along, she rises to the top of the list of single people in Genoa City who might be able to help him recover from his breakup with Abby.

Kyle and Summer manage to keep Christmas for their loved ones. Is it alcohol? many bottles of wine? Because that’s really the only option, we can come up with.

Young & Restless spoilers for December 22, Thursday

When Danny Romalotti returns for the holidays, be ready to rock around the Christmas tree.

She probably would have accepted a card for their first Christmas together. But when Nick makes a commitment to Sally, she receives something far superior.

An unexpected Christmas present is given to Diane. Could it be that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis are now prepared to let her be? Nah. That would be too much to ask.

Young & Restless spoilers for December 23, Friday

Tessa and Mariah share holiday happiness while making plans for the future. Look back at the previous year as well as the ones before it as they approach the new one.

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