Tucker McCall on the Young and the Restless – A Successful Tale

Even though Tucker McCall hasn’t been on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS in years, his name periodically pops up on the show, so some newer fans might not even be familiar with this character. If you can’t recall or just want a reminder of the highlights, we’ve got you covered!

William Russ performed the part for only a few weeks when it initially debuted in December 2009 until Stephen Nichols from DAYS OF OUR LIVES was cast in its place. He kept playing the part until January 2013, when Tucker was no longer in the show. But Trevor St. John joined the cast of Y&R in September 2022 in a mysterious role, later identified as Tucker!

Tucker McCall – A Successful Tale

Tucker McCall, a successful businessman, impacted Genoa City by initiating a relationship with Jill Abbott and working with Katherine Chancellor. He took over the Chancellor in secret and exposed himself to be Katherine’s long-lost son, who was seeking retribution by selling off her estate piece by piece. As Katherine and Tucker got to know one another, he kept Jabot for himself and promoted Ashley Abbott to CEO.

Ashley and Tucker got married when she was on a business trip to Japan, but she chose to stay with Neil Winters. Tucker cheerfully consoled Ashley while they attempted to acquire the Newman Enterprises subsidiary Beauty of Nature, then he dumped her.

He also stood by Kay when Chance Chancellor, her great-grandson, was considered dead. Despite having an affair with Diane Jenkins, Tucker eventually proposed to Ashley, and the two were married on Christmas Eve.

Thankfully, Tucker woke up from his coma, or this wedding would have been awkward!

Tucker was knocked unconscious by a drunk Abby, but Ashley accepted responsibility for her daughter. When Kay took over management of McCall Unlimited, he changed his most recent business judgments. Additionally, Tucker will disclose a son who, if discovered, would get $20,000,000. 

Tucker McCall on the Young and the Restless - A Successful Tale
Tucker McCall on the Young and the Restless – A Successful Tale

Tucker and Ashley had already been married when he emerged from his coma. The two men were shocked to find out they were father and son when Tucker sacked Devon Hamilton from his record company. When Diane’s body was discovered, he was also a suspect. 

Even though Ashley and Tucker’s marriage was already in trouble, seeing him in bed with Harmony. The progress he had made with Devon was also undone. Victor went to town to prevent the wedding when Tucker started giving Sharon Newman business advice that escalated to romance. 

After Sharon exposed Tucker’s dubious business methods, the SEC investigated him, and he was eventually arrested. After Tucker was freed, Sharon changed her story. He was reunited with Katherine before crushing her heart by telling her he was heading to Hong Kong. Tucker was so distraught by Katherine’s death that he could not attend her burial.

There was no arguing with Katherine… unless you wanted to lose!

When attorney Amanda Sinclair came to Genoa City in 2019 with an updated copy of Katherine’s will, she immediately brought up Tucker because she claimed Tucker had been engaged in changing the intention to give Devon her money.

And in 2021, Devon opened out to Amanda about his experience with his biological father as she battled to meet her birth mother. Additionally, it was said that Tucker had abandoned his wealth and disappeared.

Tucker, however, made a dramatic return to Genoa City in 2022 when he crashed Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott’s vow renewal on the Abbott estate in a helicopter! It also angered Diane since she had hoped to conceal her relationship with Tucker upon her return to the area. Tucker warned Diane that if she didn’t want her secrets to be revealed, she would spy on his behalf with the Abbotts because he was determined to get back together with Ashley. It was back in his room at the GCAC.

Tucker and Ashley were both playing with each other!

Tucker said that after experiencing a near-death experience in a vehicle accident in Monaco, he had reevaluated his objectives and was now a different person. When Ashley and he met, she immediately rejected his claims and booted him out.

And it was discovered that he was still up to no good, working with Audra Charles to take over Chancellor-Winters when the business went public and employing Diane to conduct research in the hopes of acquiring Jabot! Tucker knew that Ashley was attempting to trap him when she gave him a second chance, but he still tried to win her favor by disclosing Diane’s connection to Jeremy Stark.

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