The Young and the Restless spoilers next weeks: Adam makes amends with Sally

We’ll all become “Deja watchers” thanks to the most recent spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, November 28, to Friday, December 2.


By demonstrating that our favorite characters engage in the mischief that initially drew us to them. Not only does Phyllis point out how shady her behavior is with others, but Victor also threatens to turn the boom down, Adam goes too far, and Nick lets his temper get the better of him. Continue reading to learn more about these teasers’ specifics.

Spoilers for the upcoming episode of Young & Restless

Y&R Uneasy Rant Hot issues include Daniel and Lily’s future, Ashley and Diane’s safety, and Sally’s impending danger.

November 28 – Magic Monday

Since coming to Genoa City, it seems like she has made eleventy billion of them, and Lord knows you can’t place too much faith in them. However, Diane promises Jack still another thing.

What could be more entertaining than watching Tucker struggle and wriggle his way out of a jam? Grab some popcorn and settle down because Ashley will be questioning her naughty ex-husband today.

Tucker has been wistfully yearning for a rupture between the siblings as he plans to infiltrate Chancellor-Winters. Still, it may happen when Devon is honest with Lily about why Amanda quit her job and left town.

November 29 – Terrific Tuesday

Oh, dear! Watch how The Mustache stands his ground to defend Abby today. Victor may not always stick up for himself, but they will never forget it.

Poor Chelsea is likely to continue to get severe hits. Billy and Chloe are there to console her this time.

Giving Nate, the Newman Media employee who replaced Nick’s girlfriend Sally, a reality check would be amusing. We believe the new CEO will soon discover that not all Newmans support him in the same manner as his friend Victoria!

November 30 – Wrecked Wednesday

Adam makes amends with Sally after messing up his marriage proposal a few days prior. Will she have mercy on her grieving ex, or will she permanently forget about him?

It will be a welcome respite from Billy and LilyWhat problems will they resolve? His agitation? Chelsea? Is her ex-boyfriend coming back? If they are compatible?

When Nate doubts Elena’s allegiance today, turn the tables and think before you speak. Is the sensible doctor not interested in her lover’s newly discovered corporate ambition?

December 1 – Tragic Thursday

When Nikki learns that Phyllis turned terrible, the I Hate Diane Club is in trouble. The two will communicate with pursed lips and disgust until the redhead’s single plan helps them accomplish their goal of ridding Genoa City of their resurrected adversary.

The Young and the Restless spoilers next weeks: Adam makes amends with Sally
The Young and the Restless spoilers next weeks: Adam makes amends with Sally

We know where this is headed. We are prepared for it! When Daniel reminisces with Lily, it will be a day of flashbacks. You may accomplish the same through our photo collection of his time in Genoa City.

For most people, this would be a dramatic turn of events, but for Diane and Kyle, it’s just another Thursday.

December 2 – Frightened Friday

Jeebus! Although we’re not sure what qualifies as a “fatal” warning, it sounds pretty ominous. Even more so coming from Victor Newman. Fortunately, the person receiving the message—his son Nick—has been in this situation.

Could the threat be connected to the “reality check” Nick gave earlier this week? Or maybe the Black Knight is furious because his sons are fighting for a woman he despises?

Adam crosses the line as he continues the theme of “been there, done that.” He’s back to overstepping, so we could have copied and pasted that teaser from the spoiler articles from the previous few weeks!

With Devon, Tucker makes up for a missed time. The billionaire has no idea what his father is planning, unfortunately! While many people would be overjoyed if their father wanted to give them the keys to his empire so they could run it together, we’re not sure Devon would agree. Neil is not Tucker!

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