The Young and the restless spoilers next 2 weeks Jan 2-13

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of January 2–13 hint that Daniel Romalotti, Jr. (Michael Graziadei) will tell Lily Winters something terrible (Christel Khalil).

Daniel didn’t say much about why he ended up in Genoa City after his family moved to Europe. We know that his marriage is in trouble, but other than that, we don’t know much about him.

Daniel says that over the two weeks (January 2–13), he got increasingly angry and upset about the end of his painting career. He drank too much and hurt his family as a result.

January 2

Is there any day when this isn’t on Victor’s schedule? He tries again to make things right with Nick and Adam.

How do you feel? Should we start setting up the baby’s room? We can only hope that Mariah and Tessa will soon have their own Baby New Year.

January 3

When Christine and Danny get back together, the feeling of sweetness goes to 11. But the exes won’t just be able to look back. Here, Michael Damian talks about their meeting so you can see what he thought about it.

Chelsea tells Billy what he should do. Will he not only be able to hear them but also understand what they mean? He might sometimes be his own worst enemy.

January 4

Phyllis gets a chance to do something exciting. Still, who? Now that she has a new job, could she finally get a date? And if that’s the case, who will convince her to let go of Jack for good?

Kyle’s worries about Diane’s health are understandable after what Michael Mealor said to

January 5

Everyone seems to want something to do for fun. Because of Diane’s efforts, Jack and Ashley start to fight with each other.

All that needs to happen is for them to touch and kiss. Daniel tells Lily more about his life before he and his ex-wife broke up because of their talk, and the two of them might be able to start over together in the future.

January 6

Sally is an experienced con artist, so she uses Nick to hide her role. Will that be enough if she tries to get along with her ex-brother and ex-lover?

Sharon and Chance start to get along. Since there are no coincidences in Genoa City, we’ll go out on a limb and guess that this means they’ll be connected in a completely new way.

Jan 6-9, Lily Winters Offers Her Help

Lily will be there when her ex-boyfriend opens up about his feelings. The Young and the Restless spoilers say Daniel will feel better once he finally tells his painful secret.

In the meantime, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) will put pressure on Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to let Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) move into the ranch.

The Young and the restless spoilers next 2 weeks Jan 2-13
Young and restless spoilers next 2 weeks Jan 2-13

Adam doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Connor and Chelsea Lawson to spend more time together, even though they get along well (Melissa Claire Egan).

Adam tells Victor he wants to talk to Chelsea about the situation after giving it some thought. Y&R teasers say that Adam tells his father to leave the problem to him and not tell Chelsea about it.

From what we know about “The Young and the Restless,” Victor doesn’t listen to Adam’s advice. Victor goes to Chelsea sometime during January 9 to try to get Connor to move in with him. Victor will eventually tell Connor that their relationship worries him about his mental health. He suggests that Chelsea take a short break to care for her mental health.

Jan 9-13, Billy Gives Chelsea Lawson the Dirt

Billy Abbott, who Jason Thompson plays, talks to Chelsea about why he broke up with Lily. Spoilers for Y&R say that Billy doesn’t want to give up on her, but he can see why she might want to break up with him.

Chelsea tells him that he should do anything to keep the relationship going. She thinks he can get Lily back if he tells her how he feels in person. But Billy isn’t sure because Lily was so clear that they both needed time apart.

Billy finds out when he sees Lily that she still likes him. She wants him to be there for her and pay attention to her. Bill wants to get better at being a partner, and he’s excited to work on their relationship with Lily in couples counselling.

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