The Young and the Restless Spoilers next 2 weeks Dec 26-Jan 6

It appears that Young & Restless will round off the year in style! The most recent spoilers for Monday, December 26, through Friday, January 6, reveal that Lily makes a significant decision, Jack makes a potentially game-changing error, Sally tries to conceal some important information, and Victor and Elena both try to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Mind you, not the same impossibility, but several impossibilities. Describe them. Continue reading because we’re going to talk, I promise!

A Glimpse Of Past Week!

In the recap from last Friday, Mariah and Tessa experience a shared nightmare before a Christmas miracle occurs.

As they make plans for the future, Mariah and Tessa offer some holiday happiness. Look back at the previous year as well as the years that came before it as people move toward the new one.

Y&R Spoilers Week Of December 26 to December 30

Y&R Uneasy Rant Current events: Will Sally’s package please “Ally” fans? In addition, Billy’s tunnel vision, “Teriah’s” miracle, how stupid Jeremy Stark is, and more.

Y&R Spoiler For December 26, Monday

We’re shocked that Tucker is still capable of doing anything that would surprise Ashley at this point, yet he manages to do it today. Maybe it’s a brand-new kingdom of her own with a huge red bow on top!

I wish you luck! Devon and Nate’s relationship is attempted to be repaired by Elena, but has too much occurred between the cousins for them ever to rekindle their friendship? Hey, if Neil and Malcolm could put their differences behind them, this duo must still have hope.

Ooo. Diane is warned by Summer. We adore how Red’s daughter exhibits her “Phyllis” personality.

Y&R Spoiler For December 27, Tuesday

Victor plans to reunite Adam with his family at Newman because he cannot accept the possibility that his family might function more harmoniously without the black sheep. Should we warn the patriarch that doing something is equivalent to lighting a match in gasoline?

We have to ask if Devon went against his better judgment by agreeing to take Chancellor-Winters public when Devon later regrets the decision. If so, what or who would cause him to wish he had followed his instincts?

Danny, Phyllis and Daniel recollect, but what? when she ruined the pop star’s union with Christine? When did she say Daniel was Danny’s biological son, perhaps? Or perhaps going back to the moment the singer was granted exclusive custody of the child?

Y&R Spoiler For December 28, Wednesday

This is a swap, then! Victor criticizes Victoria and Nick’s judgment. Usually, no matter what his CEO’s daughter does, the Black Knight co-signs her power plays.

Will Diane benefit from crossing enemy lines? increase tenfold the unfavorable circumstances already present?

Uh-oh. Since Chloe assists Sally in maintaining secrecy, we speculate that the redhead’s farewell encounter with Adam may have left her with more than just hot recollections. For example, might there be a bun in the oven?

Y&R Spoiler For December 29, Thursday

When Danny meets Traci and Lauren again, it will seem familiar. They could appreciate taking a look at a scrapbook that has memories of their time as singing partners… who occasionally struck a bad note.

When Lily makes a difficult choice, we feel that Billy and Lily’s relationship is over. How long till Lily and Daniel are reconciled, and he is back in Chelsea’s arms?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers next 2 weeks Dec 26-Jan 6
The Young and the Restless Spoilers next 2 weeks Dec 26-Jan 6

Is the Abbott home still covered with mistletoe? It certainly seems that way, given that Jack let his defenses down with Diane.

Y&R Spoiler For December 30, Friday

Due to CBS Sports’ Sun Bowl coverage, the 1991 episode of Young & Restless called Masquerade Ball would be broadcast.

Y&R Spoilers Week Of January 2 to January 6

Look for the severe fallout of Lily’s choice as it results in unfavorable news throughout the week of January 2–6 due to the drama that will continue into that week.

Whatever happens with Daniel’s contract at Chancellor-Winters, Lily and Billy’s separation appears to be coming shortly.

He will make a startling move once he is back with Jack.

However, let’s hope Diane, Jack, and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will finally get rid of him. That will surely require more hazardous Jeremy mayhem.

Victor will also assume control of a circumstance. Therefore a normal Newman family problem may be included.

If the pregnancy test comes back positive, as Y&R fans anticipate, Victor could try to run Sally out of town without understanding she’s carrying one or both of his grandsons.

Devon and Abby will eventually give in to their mutually scorching fire in the meanwhile.

Since Devon and Abby are both now single, they will set their fears and reservations aside as they ostensibly make love once more.

According to spoilers for The Young and the Restless, Abby and Devon may ultimately upgrade their relationship in more formal ways. Follow the story to see how it develops.

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