The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Explore The Spoilers for December 5-9

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Do you have an idea of what will happen next? Find out what will happen the following week by reading the story in its entirety.

Jack is prodding Jeremy Stark on one side of the painting, and Nick is asking Sally 20 awkward questions. On the other hand, Noah risks burns by rekindling an old flame while Chance takes a bold move. We’ll discuss the specifics of these teases and more if you keep reading!

Young & Restless spoilers for December 2 Friday:

In the Friday recap, Jeremy Stark shows up, Tucker sees his grandchild, and Adam kisses Sally while Nick defends her to Victor.

Jeebus! Although we’re not sure what qualifies as a “fatal” warning, it sounds pretty ominous. Even more so coming from Victor Newman.

Fortunately, the person receiving the message—his son Nick—has been in this situation. Could the threat be connected to the “reality check” Nick gave earlier this week? Or maybe the Black Knight is furious because his sons are fighting for a woman he despises?

Adam crosses the line as he continues the theme of “been there, done that.” Since he’s back to his habit of overstepping, we could have easily copied and pasted that teaser from the spoiler stories from the previous several weeks!

With Devon, Tucker makes up for a missed time. The billionaire has no idea what his father is planning, unfortunately! While many individuals would be overjoyed if their father wanted to give them the keys to his kingdom so they could run it jointly, we’re still determining if Devon would be. Neil is not Tucker!

The hot themes are Y&R Uneasy Rant, Upcoming infidelity scandals, and the Sally/Nick/Adam triangle. In addition, there are pictures from Abby and Devon and Jeremy Stark’s first appearance in GC!

Young & Restless spoilers for  December 5, Monday:

Victor presses Chance for information, maybe feeling that there is more going on with his daughter’s failing marriage than first appears. Will Abby’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend violate his word to her by disclosing the actual cause of their breakup?

It can only imply that Jeremy Stark will join Diane in the home where her grandson Harrison resides if Diane brings danger into the Abbott residence. Await Summer’s discovery of this!

Nick’s startling revelation could completely alter how he thinks about Sally. Was the game just getting started for these two, or was it “game over”?

Young & Restless spoilers for December 6, Tuesday:

Daniel conceals something. But with what goal? Is he keeping something hidden to keep himself safe? Another person? Or maybe Phyllis’ kid is following in her footsteps and getting into mischief.

Billy’s cheeriness and the beauty of it all uplift Chelsea. Is it a bright idea for Lily’s lover to be so engaged in his ex’s recovery, given her unstable mental condition and the recent kiss she gave him?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Explore The Spoilers for December 5-9
The Young and the Restless Spoilers Explore The Spoilers for December 5-9

Sally finds herself in a difficult situation due to Nick’s surprise. Nick though, is not a dunce. Will Sally be able to answer questions?

Young & Restless spoilers for December 7, Wednesday:

After spending so much time together, you’d think he’d realize that this strategy never succeeds. Jack nevertheless issues Phyllis with a command. Wishing you luck, friend!

Whether Allie anticipates this outcome or not, Noah is seduced by Audra. Does this imply that his contemporary romance will soon come to an end? Because, as Abby might inform her nephew, relationships are rarely strengthened by infidelity.

An alliance is revealed by Tucker, who has so many tricks on his sleeve that they protrude.

Young & Restless spoilers for December 8, Thursday:

When Victor saves his beloved, Nikki is in excellent hands.

Nick puts Summer to the test, presumably having experienced enough love drama for the time being. Will the daughter he and Phyllis have to die?

Kyle becomes impatient with Ashley’s hatred of Diane, which is entirely understandable.

No offense to Dina, but Ashley’s mother also engaged in reprehensible behavior before being released into the Abbott household.

Young & Restless spoilers for December 9, Friday:

When Jack calls Jeremy Stark’s bluff, will he later regret it? A man like him obviously doesn’t operate under the same regulations as fancypants cosmetics tycoons.

Will Chance make a risky step toward a lady who could just help him repair his damaged heart? If so, we have a few suggestions for his potential future love.

Nate changes his mind. He may be starting to realize how much he lost by turning on his family to work with Victoria. Or perhaps he realizes Elena is not the lady he needs to support him while he pursues his objectives.

Follow along to find out what happens next…

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