The Young and the Restless Cast: Main cast and Returning Cast

William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell created the American soap opera The Young and the Restless for CBS. On March 26, 1973, this episode first aired. Doug Davidson plays private investigator Paul Williams and has been with the show the longest.

He started on May 23, 1978. Before this, Jeanne Cooper held the record for the longest-running cast member. She played Katherine Chancellor, the soap opera’s matriarch, from November 1973 until her death in May 2013.

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden, who play Nikki and Victor Newman, have been in the current cast for the longest time. Scott and Braeden joined the show in February of 1979, and Braeden joined in February 1980.

Kate Linder has played Esther Valentine on the show since April 1982. This makes her one of the four people on the show the longest. Below is a list of everyone currently on the show, from regulars to guest stars to people who are leaving or coming back.

“The Young and the Restless” characters moved to Genoa City.

The cast of The Young and the Restless has changed a lot in the 45 years since it first aired on March 26, 1973. The first people to move to Genoa City were the Fosters and the Brookses.

Theo Vanderway, played by new cast member Tyler Johnson, has a history with the Brooks family. He is the grandson of Stuart Brooks and Dina Bergeron (Marla Adams), so he is related to the Abbot family. He is interested in the media, just like his late grandfather, who ran a publishing company.

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), who was part of the well-known Chancellor family, was a key figure in Genoa City’s early years and stayed that way for decades until Cooper died in 2013.

Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), who got most of the Chancellor’s fortune from Katherine and her rival Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton), tries to use it in ways that will make Katherine proud.

The Young and the Restless Cast: Main cast and Returning Cast
The Young and the Restless Cast: Cast of Young and Restless

Victor Newman likes to say that he moved to Genoa City in 1980 and started his business from scratch. The Newmans have become a central family, along with the Abbotts, whose patriarch, John Abbott, was born the same year as the Newmans.

Victor and John’s families have been rivals in business and love for decades. Victor’s rivalry with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is one of the meanest rivalries in daytime television.

In the 1980s, Neil Winters started as a junior executive at Newman Enterprises. In the 1990s, he and his growing family entered the public eye.

Many of the original cast members are still working today, including Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott), who is now known as Newman, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), Esther Valentine (Kate Linger), Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman), Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland), and many others.

The Young and the Restless cast

Main casts

Peter BergmanJack Abbott
Marco Annicelli
Eric BraedenVictor Newman
Sharon CaseSharon Rosales
Sean DominicNate Hastings
Melissa Claire EganChelsea Lawson
Connor FloydChance Chancellor
Rory GibsonNoah Newman
Camryn GrimesCassie Newman
Mariah Copeland
Mark GrossmanAdam Newman
Amelia HeinleVictoria Newman
Courtney HopeSally Spectra
Bryton JamesDevon Hamilton
Christel KhalilLily Winters
Allison LanierSummer Newman
Christian LeBlancMichael Baldwin
Kate LinderEsther Valentine
Michael MealorKyle Abbott
Joshua MorrowNicholas Newman
Melissa OrdwayAbby Newman-Abbott-Chancelor
Brytni SarpyElena Dawson
Melody Thomas ScottNikki Newman
Michelle StaffordPhyllis Summers
Sheila Carter
Trevor St. JohnTucker McCall
Jason ThompsonBilly Abbott
John Abbott
Susan WaltersDiane Jenkins
Kelsey WangAllie Nguyen
Main casts on The Young and The Restless

Recurring cast

Catherine BachAnita Lawson
Lauralee BellChristine Blair
Tracey E. BregmanLauren Fenmore Baldwin
Sarah Smythe
Tricia CastNina Webster
Reylynn CasterFaith Newman
Doug DavidsonPaul Williams
Eileen DavidsonAshley Abbott
Cait FairbanksTessa Porter
Jacob Aaron GainesMoses Winters
Holden and Ryan HareJohnny Abbott
Elizabeth HendricksonChloe Mitchell
Judah MackeyConnor Newman
Beth MaitlandTraci Abbott
Sienna MercuriKatie Abbott
Mishael MorganHilary Curtis
Amanda Sinclair
Greg RikaartKevin Fisher
Leigh-Anne RoseImani Benedict
Dana SparksLena Cavett
Madison ThompsonJordan
Jess WaltonJill Abbott
Alex WilsonChristian Newman
Recurring cast on The Young and The Restless

Who is returning to The Young and the Restless?

Diane Jenkins

Even though Diane Jenkins was thought to have been killed by Nikki Newman in 2011, Jenkins has returned to The Young and the Restless.

Diane returned to Genoa City in April 2022 after everyone thought she was dead. Different people had different feelings about it.

Since she’s back, it’s clear that she was the one who was texting Jack Abbott the whole time.

Even though Diane and Jack had been apart for a long time, they got back together when she told him that his son Keemo had died and that his granddaughter had been born.

Alex Donnelly and Maura West played the part before Susan Walters took over in 2001.

Victoria Newman

Victoria Newman, Victor’s daughter, has been at the center of many Y&R plots that have caused a lot of trouble.

As seen on the show, her life has been full of shocking arrests, nasty family fights, and close calls to death. Her wedding to Ashland Locke was a big part of the season’s storyline.

Victoria’s husband had lied to her about having cancer the whole time they married. When she found out, she was shocked.

Even though their marriage was hard, Ashland kept Victoria from dying in a car accident.

A few episodes later, she told him she didn’t want to be married to him anymore. This showed that their marriage was doomed from the start.

Amelia Heinle plays Victoria. She has won an Emmy for this role.

Crystal Porter

In July 2017, Crystal Porter was finally seen by everyone in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Crystal, played by Morgan Obenreder, was in a TV show about drug-addicted parents, sex trafficking, and murder.

After being away from Y&R for a long time, Crystal returned to Genoa City.

On May 16, 2022, she came back to the show. This was the same day her older sister Tessa married her longtime girlfriend Mariah so that viewers could celebrate with her.

Summer Newman

Summer Newman came back after season 49. She is the granddaughter of Victor Newman and is married to Kyle Abbott.

She will be back for the next season, but fans can expect to see a different side of her.

Fans are used to seeing Hunter King play Summer, but Allison Lanier will be the first person to play the part.

On the episode that will air on May 17, 2022, a new actress will play the part that the old one did.

Gloria Simmons

Gloria Simmons, played by Judith Chapman, has a big part in Season 49 when her sons-in-law Chloe and Chelsea need her help.

Gloria tells Chelsea and Chloe to pull themselves together when upset about Rey’s death and Chloe’s absence, respectively.

Gloria has been back on the show since her last appearance on January 10, but it is said that she won’t be there for long.

Tucker McCall

On August 2, 2022, it was announced that Trevor St. John, who used to be on One Life to Live, has begun filming scenes for the 50th season of Y&R.

As the season went on, it became clear that St. John’s character is a recast version of a character named Tucker McCall from an earlier season.

Tucker comes back to Genoa City for the wedding of Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman and lets everyone know he is there.

Tucker was also revealed to be the one who put a stop to Talia, Nikki, and Phyllis’ plan to attack Diane.

Who will leave Y&R?

Amanda Sinclair

Mishael Morgan, who plays Amanda Sinclair on Y&R, talked about what fans think will happen to her character on Thursday, September 29.

She then said, about the show’s cancellation, “I have appreciated this safe place to land that they have given me so that I know I can return.”

Ray Rosales

Rey Rosales has been a regular on The Young and the Restless since the 2018 season. He joined the Abbotts, the Newmans, and everyone else in this group.

The character of Jordi Vilasuso Rey went to Genoa City to find out more about what happened when Victoria Newman’s husband, JT Hellstrom, died.

As he got to know Sharon, Victoria’s ex-sister-in-law, he found out that Nikki, the head of the Newman family, was the one who killed JT.

Sharon didn’t know about his relationship with Nikki, so he was able to get married.

But viewers saw Rey and Victoria die in a terrible car crash together. Actor Jordi Vilasuso has said that Season 49 will be the end of his time as Rey.

Ashland Locke

A big part of season 49 was spent hiding the truth about who Ashland Locke was. His shocking cancer hoax also shocked the show.

After the real Bobby DeFranco died in a car accident, Ashland took his name and called himself Bobby DeFranco.

Nick Newman, who is married to his sister, told him the news. In earlier episodes of this season, viewers got to see Ashland (or Bobby) work out his marriage to Victoria.

Ashland was killed on Monday, July 25, after he got into a fight at Victoria’s house.

As Victoria and Ashland were fighting, Nick attacked and killed Ashland.

For Y&R’s 50th season, there are no plans to bring back the character.

Ashland, who used to be played on TV by Richard Burgi, is now played on Guiding Light by Robert Newman.

Who will show up for Y&R’s 50th season?

Talia Morgan

On August 17, 2022, a new resident was tasked with putting together a report about Ashland’s death.

Natalie Morales is a real-life reporter and news anchor, and she plays Talia Morgan, a fictional reporter.

Natalie plays Talia, often on NBC talk shows like The Talk, The Today Show, and Dateline NBC.

Talia goes to see Diane Jenkins to learn more about how Ashland died.

She teams up with Nikki Newman and Phyllis Summers because she and Diane don’t understand each other.

But a mysterious fifth person, who turned out to be Trevor McCall, stopped the three from getting Diane to do what they wanted.

To play Adam Newman’s secret ally, Lucas, Adam Schwartz takes on the role.

Adam Schwartz, who is in Gossip Girl and used to be in Guiding Light, got to Genoa City on August 24.

On Y&R, he plays an unnamed friend of Adam Newman, who helps him with his plans.

Fans must stay tuned to find out what Adam’s plan is and how it affects Lucas.

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