Y&R Spoilers: Will Sally’s Pregnancy Soften Victor Newman’s Stance?

The Young and the Restless fans have been on the edge of their seats since Sally Spectra announced her pregnancy. While Sally has been trying to win over the Newman family, Victor Newman remains notoriously difficult to please.

He despises Sally for her unethical means of climbing up the ladder and is unlikely to change his tune anytime soon. However, with Sally carrying his grandchild, there is a possibility that Victor may soften his stance. 

In this article, we will explore the relationship between Victor and Sally, discuss the possibility of Victor accepting Sally as a Newman matriarch, and analyze what this means for the future of the show.

Victor’s Opinion of Women Linked to His Children

Victor has shown that his opinion of a woman is often linked to their relationship with his children. He adores Nikki, just as he adores the kids she gave him, and he has shown some respect toward Ashley, the mother of his children.

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While he may not be fond of Phyllis, the mother of his grandchild, he’s able to tolerate her for their sake. However, when it comes to Sally, he just despises her guts.

Sally’s Unethical Means of Climbing up the Ladder

Victor’s distaste for Sally stems from her unethical means of climbing up the ladder. He does not approve of the lies and manipulation she used to get where she is now, and he sees her as a threat to his family’s reputation.

Even with Sally’s pregnancy, it is unlikely that Victor will change his stance anytime soon.

Victor’s Willingness to Protect His Family at Any Cost

Victor has gone to great lengths to protect his family in the past, from filing court orders to prevent his son from moving away with his grandchild to backing his son’s attempt to take a child away from his biological father.

Victor's Willingness to Protect His Family at Any Cost
Y&R Spoilers: Will Sally’s Pregnancy Soften Victor Newman’s Stance?

He has shown that he is not afraid to use his power to protect his family or at least a family member whom he cares about and has expectations.

So, it is entirely possible that he will view Sally as a threat to his grandchild’s well-being and take steps to ensure that she’s kept at arm’s length.

Sally’s Opportunity to Prove Herself as a Capable and Trustworthy Partner

Despite all odds, Sally has an opportunity to prove herself as a capable and trustworthy partner to Victor’s son. If she proves herself to be a valuable member of the family, it is possible that Victor may eventually come around.

However, this will require Sally to show that she upholds the same values and ethics that Victor expects from his family members.

The Future of the Show: Will Victor Accept Sally as a Newman Matriarch?

The question remains: will Sally’s pregnancy soften Victor’s stance? Only time will tell if Victor will view Sally as a threat or if he will eventually accept her as a Newman matriarch.

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Either way, the future of the show is sure to be filled with drama and excitement as the Newman family navigates this new chapter in their lives.

Closing Thoughts

The Young and the Restless fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of Sally’s pregnancy and whether it will soften Victor Newman’s stance.

Let’s see what will happen in future episodes. Stay tuned with popcorn in your hands for the upcoming rollercoaster episodes.

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