Y&R Spoilers March 22 2023: Jill’s Solution Backfires as Devon Rejects it

The latest episode of ‘The Young and the Restless’ airs on March 22nd. Also, the fans of the popular daytime soap are in for a wild ride.

In Young and Restless today, we see Jill Abbott try to come up with a solution to the ongoing arbitration hearing that Devon Hamilton and Lily Winters are involved in.

But things don’t go according to plan, as Devon rejects Jill’s solution, and Lily calls him out for being selfish. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jeremy are up to something, and Summer is about to confront Phyllis about it.

Jill’s Failed Solution

Jill Abbott, a mainstay on the show, has the plan to solve the arbitration hearing involving Devon and Lily. She convinces them to meet her in a casual setting without their lawyers.

But her plan backfires when Devon rejects it, citing that he can’t forgive Lily for stabbing him in the back. Lily, in turn, calls Devon selfish, causing tensions to flare up again.

Devon’s Private Chat with Amanda

Devon, still reeling from his cheating scandal, speaks privately with Amanda Sinclair. He assumes that she enjoyed tearing him down during the hearing.

Y&R Spoilers March 22 2023: Devon's Private Chat with Amanda
Y&R Spoilers March 22 2023: Devon’s Private Chat with Amanda

Amanda insists that she takes no pleasure in causing him pain. However, points out that he isn’t the man she thought he was

Phyllis and Jeremy’s Plan

Meanwhile, Phyllis and Jeremy are up to something sinister. They’re planning to stop Diane Jenkins in her tracks, assuming that she and Jack will announce their engagement at the bicentennial gala.

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With the masquerade ball coming up, Jeremy thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to work his magic without anyone knowing he was there. Phyllis, however, warns him that their plan is a matter of life and death, and they’re both taking huge risks.

Mamie’s Surprise Visit

Mamie Johnson, the Abbotts’ former housekeeper, surprises them by paying a visit. Seeing Diane alive takes her aback, but she suggests it’s a long story and leaves Jack to catch up with Mamie.

Mamie picks up on the fact that Jack is in love as they discuss Dina Mergeron’s death. Jack acknowledges that his reunion with Diane has led to some issues, but Mamie insists that Jack’s happiness is all that matters.

Summer Confronts Phyllis

Finally, in what is sure to be a dramatic scene, Summer confronts Phyllis about her involvement with Jeremy.

Summer accuses Phyllis of joining forces with a dangerous felon, and Phyllis fires back that she’s her mother. Phyllis defends everything to protect her daughter. Summer insists it isn’t love and Phyllis needs to stop.

Closing Wordsb

Young and Restless today episode is filled with drama, tension, and surprises. Fans will be on edge as they watch Jill’s plan backfire, Phyllis and Jeremy’s scheme unfold, and Summer confronts Phyllis.

The show never fails to disappoint, and this episode is no exception.

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