Young and Restless Spoilers June 28 2023: Kyle’s low blow, Ashley on a revenge mission

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, June 28, will give you a guilty conscience check. Who’s on the guilt trip now? Kyle is it! Even those who genuinely adore Kyle can’t blame him.

There will be more plotting, revenge, and what not. Want to know what happened? 

Nate’s poor decision might cost him more troubles

In the Y&R episode airing on Wednesday, Victor might approach Nate with the same idea in mind. That would, however, undermine Nate’s plan to gain more authority and anger Victoria in the process. Now, let us talk about Nate and a problem he will encounter.

Nate’s allegiance will be put to the test when Victor confronts him and makes a demand. Nick pressured Nate to decline Victoria’s offer of the interim COO position because he was suspicious of Nate’s motivations.

Victoria will probably not tolerate Nick and Victor convincing Nate to decline the position of COO because she wants Nate to take it regardless.

Nate will likely choose to be devoted to Victoria over Victor and accept his new position as interim COO, given that he will celebrate his success in the upcoming weeks.

Kylie felt bad, but he still pulled off the Ahem!

A mistake that Kyle will be unable to correct will be made. Even more depressing is the fact that he will be the one to kick things off. Kyle will propose going to Audra’s suite following an evening of drinking and flirting.

Kyle will then engage in some physical contact with Audra, but the relationship will leave him with some regrets.

Who is to blame?

Kyle’s thoughts will inevitably wander to Summer and their wedding vows even as they cuddle up with Audra in bed.

Summer has not even had time to move out yet, despite Kyle’s recent efforts to separate them! Regardless, Summer and Kyle are still together, and Audra’s betrayal will hurt when the truth comes out.

An angry Ashley is still scarier than a revengeful Ashley

Ashley will plan retaliation across town now that Jack has made Diane’s promotion public. Ashley will want Diane to suffer, but Jack and Jabot may not like the results of her scheme.

Young and Restless Spoilers June 28 2023 Kyle’s low blow, Ashley on a revenge mission
Young and Restless Spoilers June 28 2023: Kyle’s low blow, Ashley on a revenge mission

The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Wednesday, June 28, reveal that when Ashley makes her next move, Jack will have to take some corrective action, proving that their conflict is still very much alive. When Jack learns more about Ashley’s retaliation plan, he will make some dubious choices and cause more controversy.

What to discuss? An interesting take:

When it came to her TV husband’s, shall we say, indiscretions, Allison Lanier had a few words to say. Although Kyle is regretting his actions, Summer’s bound to find out about the ‘mistake,’ and once she does, What do you think will happen? Although Kyle regrets his actions, Summer is bound to find out about his bed-hopping, and what do you think will happen when she does?

Keep checking back to find out when the Abbott family crisis will be resolved because The Young and the Restless spoilers hint that more bad news is on the way. 

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