The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker’s Strategic Ploy, Unraveling the Abbott Dynasty

Things have been relatively quiet with Tucker on The Young and the Restless as far as his takeover plot for Jabot.

Sure, he and Audra have been talking a lot lately about getting their ducks in a row and adding the right people to their alliance, mainly Kyle and Nate.

However, Tucker hasn’t taken any real action to accomplish his goal since framing Billy for embezzlement and planting a listening device in the Abbott mansion. Tucker needs to move on, and he might do so by involving Kyle and Billy.

But Mr. McCall is well aware of Kyle’s plot, and Kyle is incredibly naive to think he can fool Tucker. In fact, Tucker has been spending his time looking for the right moment to use Kyle. Then there’s Billy.

The co-CEO of Jabot has long believed that Kyle’s abrupt acceptance of the position was a lie. Billy is not at fault.

For weeks before, Kyle had been acting like a spoilt brat and stomping all over Genoa City, arguing that he should have been working for Billy.

Unraveling the Abbott Dynasty
Tucker and Abbott

Then, in the blink of an eye, Kyle happened to realize he sounded entitled and was happy to accept any leadership role in the family business.

It makes sense that Billy does not trust his nephew, and he has made Jack aware of this. Additionally, Billy believes Tucker got to Kyle because of their recent interactions, in which Tucker appeared more arrogant than normal.

Having said that, we anticipate that Tucker will soon show Billy the proof that Kyle is currently betraying the Abbott family.

The Abbotts in Turmoil

There is a good chance Tucker has recorded some of his conversations with Kyle in case it comes back to haunt him.

Could Tucker possibly take notes on those conversations and leave them for Billy to discover? Diane is the only Abbott who is aware that Kyle is covertly working as a mole to support his family.

Thus, it will undoubtedly cause a rift within the Abbott family if Billy is given the impression that Kyle and Tucker are allies. Jack would undoubtedly blow up if Billy told his brother.

Jack had promised Billy not too long ago that Tucker would pay if he managed to get his hooks into Kyle.

Any indication that Jack believes Kyle and Tucker are partners will probably make him furious, and he will probably go after his enemy and confront his son.

Now that Kyle is a mole, Diane and Kyle might both attempt to gently inform Jack of this, hopefully relieving his sense of deceit.

Despite Kyle’s lack of equality as an opponent, the Jabot CEO might still be furious with Diane for sending their son to engage in inappropriate behavior with Tucker.

Should our theory prove correct and Tucker gift Billy with audio of an alleged betrayal, the Abbotts could end the year similarly to how they began it—at each other’s throats.

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