The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Summer’s Love Triangle or Playing Cupid for Shick

In a tangled web of desires and intentions, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) paints a complex picture as Summer finds herself caught between longing for Chance and the intriguing dynamics with Sharon and Nick.

Summer walks a tightrope between wanting her own happiness and honoring Chance’s commitment to Sharon, even though she is in love with him.

Summer’s Internal Conflict

Summer is absolutely infatuated with Chance and is driven insane by her desire for him. Summer is attempting to respect Chance’s relationship with Sharon, though, and does not want to be “the other woman”—at least not right now.

Even though Summer is not aware of it yet, it is possible that Phyllis has provided her with a simple answer to her problem.

Phyllis believes that since Chance and Sharon are constantly bringing up Nick, she does not think their relationship will last very long.

Summer's Love Triangle or Playing Cupid for “Shick”
Summer and Sharon

Summer might eventually get an idea because Sharon and Nick have a unique bond that cannot be denied.

Maybe Summer should concentrate on pressuring Sharon to go toward Nick instead of being the other woman since she does not want to be that woman! Given that she sees a win-win situation, Summer may choose to facilitate a relationship between Nick and Sharon.

In the event that Summer concludes Phyllis is correct, she may convince herself that Sharon and Nick will inevitably reconcile.

Playing Cupid for Sharon and Nick

Summer may think that by acting as Cupid for these ex-boyfriends, she is just accelerating the process.

Summer could, of course, rationalize her behavior by pointing out that Nick, Sharon, and their shared kids will be ecstatic about their “Shick” reunion.

Summer, on the other hand, undoubtedly believes she can make Chance happy and is sure he can make her happy as well.

Summer will be free to attack Chance without feeling bad if Sharon and Nick get back together.

While Sharon lives happily ever after with Nick, Summer may believe she can live happily ever after with Chance.

Regardless of how you cut it, Summer thought the issue would be resolved! In the upcoming chapter of this Y&R tale, will Summer attempt to get Nick and Sharon back together? Could Summer’s own romance with Chance be facilitated by the news of Sharon and Nick’s reunion?

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