Jordi Vilasuso Drops Hints about Young & Restless Comeback: Will Rey Return from the Dead?

Fans of The Young and the Restless were heartbroken when Rey Rosales, played by Jordi Vilasuso, died of a heart attack last year.

However, recent social media activity from the actor has fans wondering if he will make a comeback on the show. Vilasuso has been teasing fans with cryptic messages, leaving them wondering if Rey could return from the dead. 

This article explores the rumors and speculations surrounding the actor’s potential return to the show.

The Fans’ Plea for Rey’s Return

Fans of the show have been vocal about their desire to see Rey return to Genoa City. His character was well-loved, and viewers were not ready to say goodbye to him.

They have been asking the show’s producers to bring Rey back in some way, and it seems that Vilasuso has been listening.

The Twitter Exchange: Could Rey Have a Twin?

Glenda Powell Smallwood, a fan of the show, posted a photo of Rey on Twitter, suggesting that the actor would return to the show.

Vilasuso replied with a cryptic message, “Do I have a twin?” This exchange has led fans to speculate that Rey might have a twin brother who could make an appearance on the show.

The Possibility of a Soapy Twist

Jermaine King, another fan of the show, shared a theory about how the show could bring Rey back. He suggested that Celeste, Rey’s mother, gave birth to twins, and Adrian sold one of them to cover a betting debt.

Sheila Carter, a notorious villain, bought the twin, who eventually shows up in Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful. The twin would then come to Genoa City, where it is revealed that their stepfather is…

Bringing Vilasuso Back: How It Could Happen

If Rey does not have a twin, the show’s producers could still bring Vilasuso back in a variety of ways.

Rey Return to The Young and the Restless
Rey Return to The Young and the Restless

For example, he could return in flashbacks, dream sequences, or even as a ghost. Alternatively, he could play a completely different character altogether.

Would Fans Welcome a New Character Played by Vilasuso?

While fans would love to see Rey return, they have also expressed excitement at the idea of Vilasuso playing a new character on the show.

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His acting skills are highly regarded, and he has a dedicated fan base that would welcome him in any capacity.

Closing Words

Although no official news has been released about Vilasuso’s return to The Young and the Restless, the rumors and speculations have left fans eager to see what will happen next.

Whether he returns as Rey or a completely new character, viewers are excited to see him back on their screens.

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