Lil Summer Get To Know Her Race Boyfriend

Young & Restless The present conflict involving Summer Newman (Allison Lanier mother-in-law )’s Diane and her mother Phyllis, who wants to drive the former out of town, is explosive.

The character had dealt with turmoil throughout her life, including when a young Samantha Bailey was portraying the part, so it is nothing new for her.

Who can forget the 2009 Peanut Cookie Incident?

A twist that no one anticipated may have revealed “This” shady character’s true motivations, as well as your first look at Danny and Christine, Met Up Again.

Who could ever forget the peanut butter cookie saga from 2009, when Victor’s schemes led Patty Williams back to town to get revenge on Jack, only for his granddaughter to suffer unintended consequences? Patty underwent cosmetic surgery, which The Mustache paid for, and adopted the name, Mary Jane Benson.

Phyllis’ daughter Summer had a severe nut allergy, but Patty, who was enamored with Jack and found out he was having sex with her, kissed Summer while eating a biscuit that contained peanuts.

It was a stressful period since Summer was hospitalized as a result of the incident, which luckily did not prove deadly. It’s also a pertinent recollection, given that Victor is currently attempting to demonize Sally Spectra for her past.

Anyway, Samantha Bailey, who is currently an actress, model, and official Nascar trophy girl, was the cute patootie who portrayed Summer back in the day.

The lovely blonde Young & Restless alum is now 24 years old and dating British F3 racing car driver Carter Williams. The attractive couple recently took a break from their relationship to go on a little Cabo cruise. In keeping with the festive spirit, she published pictures of them in front of a Christmas tree.

Lil Summer Get To Know Her Race Boyfriend
Lil Summer Get To Know Her Race Boyfriend

Bailey and Williams noted that it was “sunny in Cabo” in another photo taken on the coastal tour.

We had to include pictures of Bailey in action because we are aware that she is an official Nascar trophy girl. Click through the photos below using the arrow to see her on race day alongside well-known drivers, including Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., and Kyle Busch.

It’s incredible to think that the little actress who portrayed our little Summer from 2009 to 2012 has turned 21. She occasionally posted a pretty adorable clip.

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