Life Of Neil Winters In The Young And The Restless

A fictitious character on The Young and the Restless is named Neil Winters. The actor Neil Winters passed away on February 3, 2019, at the age of 39.

Actor Kristoff St. John indicated that he would return in April 2018 after taking a hiatus to deal with the loss of his son.


Drucilla Barber, Olivia Barber, and Nathan Hastings formed a love triangle with Neil Winters in 1991. Malcolm Winters, Neil’s half-brother, visited Genoa City in 1994 and fell in love with Dru, who was taking too many cold medications.

Neil Adulthood

When Victoria gave birth to a baby girl who passed very soon after birth, Neil and Victoria Newman’s engagement to get married came to an end.

They remarried and were involved in business matters because she worked for Jabot Cosmetics, and he worked for Newman Enterprises. When Ryan McNeil and his brother Malcolm passed away, Neil’s struggle with alcoholism became out of hand.

Numerous Women

When Neil learned that Malcolm was Lily’s biological father, his marriage to Dru became rocky. Dru broke into Carmen Mesta’s hotel room out of jealousy over their romance. Neil momentarily resumed drinking, but he stopped when he noticed how Lily was being affected.

Professional Life

Neil left Newman Enterprises in April 2009 after realizing he would never advance in the family-run company. The following day, he agreed to become the CEO of Chancellor Industries.

Contemporary Developments

Neil and Ashley Abbott have been a couple since 2010. He gave Gloria Abbott Bardwell the Indigo he purchased from Jeffrey Bardwell. If Cane learned Tucker McCall defrauded him of $20,000, Cane would terminate McCall.

Neil Marries Hilary

Despite her emotions for Devon Winters, Hilary Curtis marries Neil Winters. Hilary was wed to an elderly, blind guy but would not separate from him. After a drunken brawl broke out during Sharon’s bachelorette celebration, everyone ended up in jail.

Revealing Truth

Neil first noticed a candle’s flicker before beginning to notice shadows. Neil made everyone aware of Devon and Hilary’s relationship.

He also disclosed that Cane and Colin were aware of the relationship, and Jill discovered Colin was extorting her husband.

Devon, Hilary, and the rest are flown back to Genoa City. The hospital requires Hilary’s health insurance details, which is why Neil shows up there.

Neil Winters on the Young and the Restless
Neil Winters on the Young and the Restless

Neil is informed by Hilary that she used Devon as a means of retaliation against him but never truly loved him. She hurls his promise ring in his direction.

Following Neil’s revelation of Hilary’s liaison with Devon, Nikki unintentionally struck Christine with his vehicle.

Everyone survived without any injuries. However, Christine lost her child as a result.

Trying To Live!

To patent Simon’s treatment, Neil, Devon, Hilary, Gwen, Simon, and Ashley Abbott joined forces. To keep Neil in a position of authority, Hilary used to blackmail him. 

Neil officially acknowledged his relapse at the dedication of the new wing named in Katherine’s honor.

Mom & Son

Neil was questioned by Hilary about why he couldn’t forgive his mother’s affair with him. Neil’s mother had attempted to write him letters, which he promptly tossed away.


Due to a severe stroke, Neil most likely passed away while he was asleep. In addition to planning to attend the inauguration of Devon and Abby Newman’s new restaurant, he was waiting for Lily when she was let out of jail. Cane’s decision to kiss Victoria while keeping Lily in the dark infuriated Neil as well.

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