Is Sally pregnant on the Young and the Restless?

The Young And The Restless fanatics, there is a shocking surprise that broke out in this article. 

The Y&R spoilers reveal that Sally Spectra is dealing with more than we expect, and all evidence shows that she might be pregnant! 

Although Chloe Fisher almost confirmed it. However, this might be a rumor for a while, but fans are eagerly waiting for her pregnancy.

We believe Sally is certainly pregnant because she has been clutching her tummy a lot and doesn’t seem like herself. There is some difference in her.

This makes the fans think, who will be the baby’s father?

Do you have any ideas?

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Finding The Father!

Nick Newman and Adam Newman appear to be neck and neck, but we believe Adam is likely to win. 

I’m just not sure I could see Nick having another child, even though fans have liked seeing those two together, and this would be a great opportunity for them to get back together.

For the most part, Nick has been the most “normal” member of the Newman family. Therefore, it just wouldn’t be appropriate for him to have a child right now with Sally. 

I don’t imagine authors treating a character like Nick, who generally seems to have his act together, in such a way since it would bring him and his family a great deal of pain.

An Incredible Turning Point!

Most people will talk negatively about Adam and Sally, but one, in particular, will undoubtedly cause many issues—the moustache, of course! 

Since the beginning, Victor Newman hasn’t supported Adam and Sally and views her as a snake in the grass.

Is Sally pregnant on the Young and the Restless
Sally pregnant on the Young and the Restless

Victor will not tolerate this, whether or not she bears his grandchild, and may take all necessary measures to prevent the pregnancy.

I doubt they would do it now since it would be a bit more of an old-fashioned, cunning tale, but I doubt Victor would consent to something like this. Of course, he may make more frequent mistakes as he ages.

In your opinion, who do you wish to be the father of Sally’s child? Pour your thoughts in the comment section.

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10 thoughts on “Is Sally pregnant on the Young and the Restless?”

  1. I think Nick is too old to be s father again we never see the ones he has if she is pregnant let it be Adams not going to watch it repeat again. Good luck Sally

  2. It should be Adams, that’s why she had the one-time trist with him. Conner needs a little brother or sister. There’s more of a story line there.


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