Hurray! Is Justin Hartley Back On Track?

It’s weird to think about how long it’s been since Justin Hartley last appeared on CBS as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, but it’s been six years.

He departed back in 2016, as we all know, and joined the breakout smash This Is Us on NBC. But after six seasons, that award-winning drama came to an end, and Hartley was once again free to look for new work.

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The Never Game is a television series based on the best-selling Jeffrey Deaver mystery and crime book of the same name.

This would not be Deaver’s first work to be adapted for the cinema; other films based on his works have already been filmed, probably most famously the Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie movie The Bone Collector.

Hartley was back on his feet!

According to the book’s official synopsis, Hartley will portray survivalist Colton Shaw in the new series. Shaw traverses the nation assisting people in solving mysteries and locating missing people.

There has been plenty of material to draw upon, as The Never Game is the first of three novels about Shaw that have been written so far, with The Goodbye Man and The Final Twist following closely after.

is justin hartley returning to y&r
Is Justin Hartley returning to Y&R?

The Never Game is a fantastic addition to our already successful drama lineup. Since our viewers love shows with action, intrigue, mystery, and complex characters, they will love The Never Game – it delivers on all fronts, according to CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach, as quoted by Deadline.

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