The Young And The Restless: Victor Newman Vs Eric Braeden – “The Actual Age Revealed”

It’s difficult for The Young And The Restless fanatics to imagine The Young and Restless without Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), a recognizable and favorite character. Genoa City and the Newman family have lamented Victor’s passing numerous times.

Also, fans are left wondering how old Victor Newman is.

Let’s dive into this article to know his actual age.

Eric Braeden

The Young And The Restless’s master manipulator Eric Braeden has accomplished a big feat. 

In the fictional city of Genoa City, the most invincible man has held the position for 41 years, which is a noteworthy accomplishment. 

Many people are concerned that he could wish to retire soon, but since there are no indications of this, supporters should relax and take it easy!

As he commemorates a significant theatrical milestone, let’s discover Victor Newman’s age.

Series Life

The actor Eric Braden plays the role of Victor Newman in the American Tv series, The Young And The Restless. 

Victor Newman was introduced to Y&R in February 1980. Although Victor married Diane, Nikki was his mistress.

Diane took Victor’s sperm to have his child since she wanted to keep him, but due to a mix-up, Ashley stole Victor’s sperm and gave birth to Abby Newman.

How old is Victor Newman on the Young and the Restless
How old is Victor Newman on the Young and the Restless – Eric Braden Age

Victor was given a temporal lobe epilepsy diagnosis after saving Nikki from a carjacker. He needed a heart transplant when Patty Williams shot him, and when Colleen Carlton passed away unexpectedly, he eventually received her heart.

He remarried Diane once he recovered. Even though Victor had amnesia and was working on the docks in Los Angeles, he was considered dead.

After his reunion with Nikki, the two were married in 2013. Victor pressured Nikki into remarrying him after discovering she had embezzled money from his bank account.

When Adam returned from the dead, Nick was pitted against him, and their father found out that Adam had a severe blood disease.

Within the family, Victor’s resurrection led to conflict. He also took steps to mend fences with Adam and gathered family and friends to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his business.

When Adam and Chelsea hatched a scheme to discover the truth about AJ Montalvo’s death years earlier, they found evidence indicating Victor was to blame.

Victor claimed he had to keep the facts a secret since a young Adam had been responsible for AJ’s death after Adam forced his father into becoming the CEO of Newman!

The fact that Victor picked Nick to step in and lead Newman while Victoria was healing from being stabbed changed the situation with Adam.

Real Life

Eric was born on April 3, 1941. He was born Hans Jörg Gudegast in Kiel, Germany. He changed his stage name to Eric Braeden due to pressure from the entertainment business. He acquired the name by fusing a family name with the name of his German village, Bredenbek.

His performance as an athlete in school initially led some to believe that he may pursue a career in athletics. His javelin and discus performances helped his team win the German National Youth Championship. But eventually, he fell in love with acting, nonetheless, after immigrating to America.

Once finishing high school, he moved to America with his family. According to his official website, he recalls seeing the Statue of Liberty while on the ocean ship.

Eric is a fitness freak. He always appreciates being in shape and works out in the mornings, performing 100 left-to-right combos of 100 hooks, 100 uppercuts, and planks.

He is married to Dale Russell, a well-known interior designer. The couple lives happily and is blessed with a baby boy, Christian Gudegast. They have been married for over 50 years. Christian, a Hollywood filmmaker with three kids, works in the entertainment sector. So, yes, he is 80 years old.

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