History of Daniel in The Young And The Restless

Daniel Romalotti Jr. is a fictitious character on “The Young and the Restless,” played by Michael Graziadei.

To commemorate Y&R’s 50th anniversary and to mark the return of Michael Graziadei as Daniel, it was revealed on September 19, 2022.


Daniel Romalotti was the biological son of Brian Hamilton and Phyllis Summers. Later Danny Romalotti adopted Daniel. Lucy is the only daughter of Daniel.

Early Years, Kevin and Cassie

When Daniel Romalotti, Jr. was born, Phyllis said that Danny was the father. They were happy until he realized the child was not his son. He divorced and took the son to Europe.

In 2003, Daniel made a comeback as a teenager. He was shocked to discover the reality. The older Kevin Fisher became friends with Daniel.

14-year-old Cassie Newman chose to attend a private party with Daniel, who she had a crush on. They met with an accident and lost their memory. Cassie passed away, but Daniel recovered.

Cassie’s Case, Lily, and Amber

After Daniel left the hospital, Daniel was taken into custody. Eventually, the court released Daniel. Daniel and Lily were wed in Las Vegas. Their marriage was shattered when Alex extorted money from Kevin and Daniel. 

Phyllis and Jack Abbott were confined to an elevator, and Jack gave birth to their child. Daniel and Amber Moore grew close and frequently assisted one another with their different ruses.

Plum, Love, and Billy

Plum, Amber’s former boyfriend, threatens her with pornographic films. Plum was discovered dead in a closed room with a bag of cash. Amber grabbed part of the money despite their vows to keep it that way. Officially, Amber and Daniel were together.

Thomas Balfour solicited Victoria Newman to purchase art for the Newman collection, but she knew it was stolen. Daniel failed to complete it in time, their loft was broken, and it was recorded.

To catch several art thieves, a guy posing as Federal Agent Howard Aucker requested that Daniel fake an artwork. When he called the actual Agent, Aucker, the truth was revealed.

The Case of the Forgery

Jana was astounded to find the phony FBI agent. When she met him with the money, Victoria informed the agent, Aucker. When Victoria arrived, the unidentified assailant threw the cartons over her and fled with the cash. Daniel was named the prime suspect and taken into custody. Phyllis posted bail.

Deacon Sharpe was in Genoa City and seemed to be an art businessman, but in reality, he was the one who tricked Daniel into creating the fake artwork.

Daniel prevented Amber from being forced into marrying Deacon just in time and decided to be married to her so that Deacon couldn’t. For a short period, the two were content, then it ended.

Sara, Abby, and Daisy’s Baby

Daniel and Abby have a close bond. While Abby’s covert cameras were recording, Daniel had sex with her in the Newman pool. Amber sent him divorce papers a few days later.

Daniel visited with his mother to talk about how his first anniversary with Amber might have fallen that day. He said that Daisy’s potential pregnancy led to Abby and him breaking up.

Abby, Daniel’s Choice, and Genevieve

Daisy Carter was irritated in December at Daniel’s loft when Daniel cold-bloodedly shoved all the holiday accents she had laid out into a box. Daniel griped about having to forfeit his independence and privacy in order to serve as her jailer.

When Daniel looked into his baby’s eyes, Daisy warned him that he would be unable to maintain his composure. When Genevieve, a representative from the Family Hope Center, came, Daniel appeared to be anticipating a knock at the door.

Genevieve, Phyllis, and Daniel’s Choice

Genevieve reminded them that any hospital or fire station would accept infants. Daisy, according to Daniel, thought she would have the child, remain with him, and live happily ever after.

He was outlining his desire to allow Daisy’s child to be adopted by a far-off family from Genoa City.

The Baby

Daniel informed Daisy Carter that he could compel her to give up the child. Daisy stated that she did not want to place it for adoption. Daniel explained Daisy’s legal violations by citing the Wisconsin Penal Code. On January 1st, Daisy was sent to the hospital to give birth; she would later be sent back to jail.

Daisy Escaped

Daniel informed Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott in January 2011 that Jana Hawkes and Daisy Carter were supposed to show up. Daniel told Jana that Daisy was in labor and that she needed to be sent to the hospital.

Daniel phoned the police and requested they silence the alert once Jack brought up the ankle monitor.

After the monitoring company contacted and informed him that a signal from Daisy’s ankle device had been discovered, Daniel appeared to be somewhat relieved.

Current Scenario

Phyllis Summers informed Daniel that he would have to decide on the infant. Infuriated, Daniel told his mother that the child would be adopted and reared outside of Genoa City.

The maintenance worker discovers the infant after it is abandoned in a basket at a church. Daisy strikes Daniel with a massive flashlight while holding his newborn baby in his arms.

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