Diane Jenkins on the Young and the Restless: Is Diane Worst Character?

We all know that Diane Amelia Jenkins is a fictitious character in the American TV series, “The Young And The Restless.” 

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Real Diane Amelia Jenkins

The character was last portrayed by Maura West, and Susan Walters will take over for her in 2022. Alex Donnelley initially described the part in the past.

Susan Walters will return to Y&R as Diane is the enigmatic lady who has been sending Jack text messages. She will debut toward the show’s conclusion on March 23, 2022. A leaked photograph verified it on March 21, 2022.

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Life Of Diane In Young And The Restless

Diane Jenkins plays the role of Kyle Jenkin’s daughter, Kyle Abbott’s mother, and Harrison Locke’s grandmother.

Diane Jenkins decided to start sleeping with Jack Abbott because she believed dating him would advance her career as a top model for Jabot Cosmetics. She fell in love with him but broke up with him when he decided to wed Patty Williams to prove to his father that he was an adult.

Diane decided that Andy Richards, a detective, was more worthy of her attention than Jack and turned her attention to him. The marriage went smoothly, and Diane started another relationship with Jack.

Diane came back a decade later. Their families became concerned when she started working for Jack once more because they might start dating.

Victor divorced Diane to wed Nikki before she died after being shot by her husband’s ex-wife Veronica Landers.

After a DNA test revealed that the infant was not Victor’s, Diane recently departed the area. Diane was astonished to discover that the sample was Jack’s sperm because she was unaware that Nikki had exchanged Victor’s model.

As a surprise planned by Jack’s new wife, Dr. Emily Peterson, as a wedding gift, Diane paid a quick return visit to Jack with their son, Kyle Abbott, in late February or early March 2010. Then, Diane and Kyle once more left Genoa City for Vancouver.

Diane brought Kyle back to town in October 2010, so he could spend time with his father. Diane decided to return after receiving a job offer from Tucker McCall.

the Young and the Restless Diane Jenkins
Diane Jenkins on the Young and the Restless: Is Diane Worst Character?

Diane was surprised when Victor off When own aircraft to New York. Diane sucked at the job interview. While waiting for Victor, she met that Horri. Diane was surprised, and Victor Diane sucked at the job interviewer questioned her. Diane recalled a time when her only confidant was an ex-husband who had previously expressed a desire for her death.

When Jack said he would take Kyle for the weekend and added that Kyle was his top priority, Diane had difficulty holding back her excitement. Phyllis and Diane later met at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Phyllis questioned Diane’s motivations for creating a stir in the community where she and her son resided. Phyllis asked whether she hadn’t already made him feel bad. Diane was fixed on her.

Phyllis said that she had no idea from where Diane had learned such. Jack allegedly told Diane. She remarked that she assumed Phyllis’ little frolic on her desk would not be sufficient to win his pardon for what she had done to his kid.

The exchange of insults between Diane and Phyllis. When Jack was pulling Diane into an elevator, she confided in him that she believed his need to shield her from Phyllis would indicate that he still harbored affection for her.

Diane started working as an architect for Victor Newman at Newman Enterprises in December 2010. Diane dropped by Nicholas Newman’s home after Victor departed and asked if Nick was available for lunch.

Then, all of a sudden, their strategy abruptly halted when Adam got a grand jury indictment containing the information Diane had given the DA.

In the first few months of 2012, Nikki Newman is identified as Diane’s murderer. But according to a video that Ronan discovered, Diane initially tries to stab Nikki with a needle before starting to choke her to death. Diane is killed when Nikki picks up a rock and hits her head. Ronan informs Nikki that Diane was slain in self-defense. Nikki was first charged with her murder but was ultimately found not guilty since the court also agreed it was self-defense.

Nick Newman, Abby Newman, Ashley Abbott, Tucker McCall, Victor Newman, Phyllis Summers Newman, Jack Abbott, Victoria Newman Abbott, and Adam Newman were the last characters to see Diane in flashbacks.

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