Life History Of Adam In the Young And The Restless

Currently, Genoa City inhabitant Victor Adam Newman Jr. is played by Mark Grossman.

Who Plays The Role Of Adam?

From November 2014 to September 2016, Justin Hartley played the role before. Adam experienced flashbacks of an incident when he was 11 years old and was portrayed by Dane West in August 2020.

Adam’s History In B&B

Victor Newman and Hope Adams’ son Adam Newman. His adoptive father, Cliff Wilson, was his primary caregiver.


Ashley first hears a baby wailing on the ranch in 2009 while she is pregnant. Adam acknowledged snatching the child to give to Ashley. According to Phyllis and Sharon, Adam met up with a man and a child just before he passed away. After using Victoria’s pen to stab Adam, Victor and Nick are taken into custody.

Kevin is easy to back compared to Adam’s take-control attitude and keen business sense. Adam finally marries Chelsea, and they are devastated when Chelsea suffers a miscarriage due to their vehicle accident with Adam’s niece’s car. They nearly blew their chance to work with Jabot by fighting.

Adam Newman, a character from Days of Our Lives, is shot in the back while defending his father, Victor. Victor and Adam both promise never to again have faith in one another. Victor is persuaded to give Adam another chance by Adam’s bravery, and they decide to rejoin the family business.

When Cordelia Abbott was after her dog “Dash” after he escaped from Billy’s automobile struck her. Adam returns home after Delia dies and burns her body in his fireplace.


Nick’s brother Adam is found to be ensnared in a bear trap by Sage. Sage tries to assist him, but Adam refuses and walks away. When Chelsea learns that Adam lied about having slept with Sage, she formally ends their relationship. The Abbotts rejected ‘Gabriel’ as a member of the family.

Adam and Ian Ward started the Paragon Project after Ian Ward’s prison break. Victor’s systems were infected with a virus by Adam after he broke into his workplace. Adam attempted to phone for assistance when Sage’s water ruptured, but the paragon project virus interfered with mobile service.

Adam Newman, one of the most recognizable characters from the ABC soap drama, returns to Salem after battling Victor for control of the Paragon virus and recovering from surgery to save his son Connor after the fire at Newman Tower.

Adam was informed by Dylan that Victor, his sister-in-law, was attempting to set him up. Thinking Victor was being attacked, Adam lost his cool and attacked a guard. Adam was tasered by two guards who entered the building until he passed out. The warden disclosed that the guard was working in prison with Jack, Adam’s brother.


Adam was shot while attempting to contact his sister Chelsea by an unidentified assailant. Victoria, who Christian moved in with, prevented Adam from seeing him. After Phyllis stole the business, she tried to trick Adam by selling Nick all of Dark Horses’ real estate.

Adam stole Nate’s tablet and had Phyllis hack into it to increase Victor’s dose. After Nick invited him to Victor’s wake, he fled the area. When Cane arrived and inquired about Chance, Adam said he had no notion of His whereabouts.

Adam on the Young and the restless
Adam on the Young and the restless

In order to relieve Chelsea of her duties at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis used Adam’s secret. After learning that he had slain A.J. Montalvo, Adam flew to Kanas to see his old house, but Chelsea wasn’t fond of how he felt about her father.

Adam’s younger self attempted to persuade him otherwise by assuming the form of his consciousness. When Chance challenged him about stealing Chelsea from the school grounds, he was apprehended. Chelsea, terrified and horrified by what he had become, welcomed Adam’s presence.

In recent years, Nick visited the penthouse. Adam advised Victor not to get his hopes up when he stated how lovely it would be if Nick and he could spend more time together.

Recent Years

Adam has experienced a wide range of emotions over the years. He can be narrow-minded and egotistical. 

Adam doesn’t like Ray and Sharon’s union. Adam admitted in May 2021 that he wishes his relationship with Nick could be different. This reveals a gentler, more sentimental side to him.

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