5 Favorite Characters Who is leaving The Young And The Restless?

The 50 seasons of The Young And The Restless first premiered on 26 March 1973. It is the sister series of “The Bold And The Beautiful.” 

William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS developed it. The television program is in a fictitious version of Genoa City, Wisconsin. 

A Glance at Young And The Restless

At first, the Young And The Restless leading focal families are the wealthy Brooks family and the lower-class Foster family.

In this season 50, Diane Jenkins and Kyle Abbott, a mother-son team on Y&R, strive to mend their relationship.

Y&R fans, I know what you are curious to know about. 

The Young and the Restless star’s family perish in the fire, leaving everyone “IN DISBELIEF.”

VIRGINIA’S OUT? The Young & Restless fans are curious whether Victoria will depart Genoa City.

Let’s discuss in depth which stars are leaving The Young And The Restless this season. 

Who is leaving Y&R?

Amanda Sinclair

Mishael Morgan, who plays Amanda Sinclair, responded to fan concerns over her character’s Y&R future on Thursday, September 29.

“I just wrapped for my last scenes,” Mishael said to his followers on Instagram. “I just wanted to let the cat out of the bag a little bit.”

“I wanted everyone to know it was my choice because many people have noted that my name is no longer listed in the main credits.”

“I wish to step back a little from the show. I wanted to change things at this stage in my life and work.

Also, she said, “I have valued this safe place to land that they have given me, so I know that I can come back,” about her departure from the series.


Chance left The Young and Restless when Donny Boaz left the show. According to Donny, the decision to stop the series was not his. He said that the position wouldn’t be recast.

On Monday, February 1, 2021, the 40-year-old American actor made his farewell appearance on The Young and Restless.

Rey Rosales

On The Young And The Restless, Rey Rosales joined the Abbotts, Newmans, and other characters in 2018.

Rey played the role of Jordi Vilasuso. He traveled to Genoa City to investigate the death of Victoria Newman’s late husband, JT Hellstrom.

He discovered who killed JT while developing a friendship with Sharon, Victoria’s former sister-in-law, and it turned out to be Nikki, the matriarch of the Newman family.

He married Sharon while still keeping Nikki’s identity a secret.

And viewers have seen Rey’s demise after a fatal car accident with Victoria.

At last, Rey said the character Jordi Vilasuso won’t return after season 49.


She said, “I just finished for my last moments back.” Morgan stated that she decided to quit in December 2021: “A lot of people have noticed that my name isn’t on the main credits anymore, and I wished everybody to know that it was my move.”

The actor said she has always felt at home on the program and considers everyone part of her family. When asked why she left the program, Morgan responds, “I wanted to take a little time away from it. I tried to change things at this stage in my life and work.”

Ashland Locke

In addition to his shocking cancer deception that shocked the program, Ashland Locke hid his true identity for the entire 49th season.

Bobby DeFranco is Ashland’s actual name; after the honest Bobby perished in a car accident, Ashland borrowed his identity from his buddy.

He received the upsetting information from his brother-in-law, Nick Newman.

Viewers had the opportunity to watch Ashland, or Bobby, resolve his marriage to Victoria in earlier episodes of the season.

Ashland was killed on the Monday, July 25 broadcast during an altercation at Victoria’s house.

While the former and the latter were arguing, Ashland was attacked and killed by Victoria’s brother Nick.

As a result, Season 50 of Y&R will not include the character again.

Ashland is played by Guiding Light star Robert Newman, who previously appeared on film as Richard Burgi.

Final Feather

You might have mixed feelings while reading the article. Yes, I can sense you. I hope you all found the article interesting and concluded that the characters you might like and dislike are leaving the stage. 

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