Zarina Hashmi is honored today on her birthday

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Famous artist Zarina Hashmi has traveled the world while creating a singular artistic journey that masterfully weaves together her own life experiences.

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Who was Zarina?

Zarina studied mathematics and received training in intaglio and woodblock printing in Bangkok, Tokyo, and Paris.

Zarina’s education

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She was always fascinated by math and architecture, which helped to shape the geometric purity that now characterizes her artistic expression.

Subjects she liked

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Zarina has displayed her artwork at esteemed worldwide places over the course of her long career.

Zarina’s artwork

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She enthusiastically portrayed India in the Venice Biennale in 2011 and wowed the crowds with her moving works.

Represented India

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"Zarina: Paper Like Skin," a retrospective show that received a lot of positive press, opened at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles a year later.

Her exhibition

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Zarina's work explores topics that echo the deep effects of her nomadic existence and personal experiences, going beyond mere aesthetics.

Beyond aesthetics

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Her works are given life by the recurring themes of home, eviction, borders, voyage, and memory, which entice viewers to reflect on the breadth of human ties and feelings.

Her work depicts

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Today's Google Doodle honors Zarina Hashmi, a noteworthy Indian American artist who died in 2020 but probably turned 86 today.

Zarina’s age

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