YNW Melly remains in detention after four weeks of arrest

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After being detained in 2019 on two counts of first-degree murder, YNW Melly's trial has entered its fourth week.

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YNW Melly entered fourth week

Rapper YNW Melly was detained on two counts of first-degree murder on February 13, 2019, and his trial didn't start until June 12th.

Murder charges

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On October 26, 2018, a co-defendant and confidant named Cortlen Henry said that two men were shot inside a jeep.

Two men were shot dead

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According to NBC Miami, the rapper has denied the allegations on him and is currently accused of insulting one of the victim's mothers in court.

Denied allegations

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Attorney David Howard is defending Melly, whose true name is Jamell Maurice Demons.

David Howaed is defense

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He reportedly made his point on Monday, June 12th, and referred to the state's probe as "incompetent and incomplete."

Incompetent and Incomplete

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Besides the fact that the victims and Melly were close friends, the defense lawyer disputes the prosecution's claim that the shooting was the result of gang activity.

It was gang activity

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Authorities allegedly found evidence that the artist killed Christopher Thomas Jr., 19, and Anthony Williams, 21, in Florida in 2018.


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On Thursday, the prosecution and defense both made their final arguments, and the jury is anticipated to continue deliberating into Friday.

The jury will deliberate on Friday

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