Tim McGraw talks about his concern for safety at upcoming concert

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The spring of 2024 will see 33 venues throughout the United States and Canada host Tim McGraw's Standing Room Only Tour.

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Tim McGraw’s tour

Fans tossing objects onstage, an issue at concerts in country music and beyond, have recently raised concerns.

Fans throwing objects

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Several performers have also encountered incidents where things were hurled at them while they were performing, including Adele, Morgan Wallen, Bebe Rexha, and Kelsea Ballerini.

Several cases

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McGraw recently voiced concern over the practice of concertgoers tossing objects onto the stage during an interview with ET Online.

McGraw voiced his concern

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He did, however, make it clear that he has no plans to erect further obstacles or enhance the level of security for his forthcoming tour.

Not additionally enhancing security

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McGraw made it clear that hurling objects at performers is completely insane and ruins the entertainment for everyone else in the audience.

Ruins fun

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Safety is still a top priority for McGraw's forthcoming event, even though it won't emphasize more security.

Safety is priority

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For all concertgoers to have an exciting and safe experience, he wants to produce a "crazy magnificent spectacle" that doesn't largely rely on fireworks.

Created magnificent spectacle

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He acknowledges his fear of them and that his propensity for movement on stage could put him in danger of being too close to the pyrotechnic effects when they go off.

Addresses his fear

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