TikTok video of woman goes viral, leaving everyone astonished 

Kelly Taylor

TikTok is filled with many bizarre videos, and recently, once again, a video caught everyone’s eye as a lady seemed frozen.

Frozen lady

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A woman is going viral on TikTok lately. She can be seen standing still, which is probably in the UK.

A video went viral

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The woman in the TikTok video cannot be identified as her face is not visible and the video has only captured her back.

The woman is unidentifiable

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The provided TikTok video was uploaded by an anonymous user, unknown1575489.

An anonymous user

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A woman can be seen in white pants and a black full-sleeved top standing still in a moving position; not only was she immobile, even her clothes or hair were not moving.

Immobile woman

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The video was captioned, “She was in that state a moment earlier.” Her arms hung strangely at her sides, and her legs seemed to be in the middle of a step.

Video’s caption

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The person taking the video inquired, zooming in on her, Why is she frozen? Bruh, I'm trippin'.

Is she frozen?

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After a few seconds, she started walking again and normally, which left the cameraperson astounded.

Stayed like that for a moment

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After the video went viral with over 5 million views, the audience was astonished too and freaked out as the woman seemed frozen.

Astonished audience

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Optical illusion might be one of the reasons behind the frozen woman, but nothing can be sure.

Optical illusion

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