Shawn Mendes’ photos went viral from his recent Europe trip

Kelly Taylor

The 24-year-old "Stitches" singer was on holiday at the popular Spanish destination on Friday when he displayed his toned abs.

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Shawn was on holiday

Shawn Mendes recently returned from a trip to Europe after splitting up with his former girlfriend, Camila Cabello, 26, after a June reunion.

Breaking up with Camila

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After two years of dating, the couple decided to end their relationship the first time around in November 2021.

First breakup

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“Shawn is still developing and learning about himself. He requires solitude in order to pursue his interests,” a source told People. “Their timing wasn’t right.”

“Timing wasn’t right”

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He traveled with a few friends on a boat tour across the Mediterranean Sea while dressed in a green bathing suit.

Traveled to Mediterranean Sea

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Mendes took advantage of the trip's relaxed activities, which included a quick swim in the ocean to cool down.

Swimmed in ocean

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He also showed his bikini-clad companions things on his phone while they lounged on the boat.

Showed his bikini-clad

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As he rejoiced in the Spanish warmth, he also displayed his extensive tattoo.

Showed off tattoo

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A white button-down shirt, a denim tote bag, and black sunglasses were eventually added by Mendes to his ensemble.

Looked dapper

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