Scream 7’s director changes to Christopher Landon

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The 2022 remake of the Scream series and Scream 6 from the previous year were both directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, also known as Radio Silence.

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Scream’s direction

As Per the IGN, they're taking a break from the series to concentrate on their unnamed Universal monster movie, the specifics of which are mostly unknown.

Steam director’s taking break

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Christopher Landon, who earlier shot Happy Death Day and Freaky, is taking up directorial tasks for Scream 7 from the team known as Radio Silence.

Christopher, Scream 7’s director

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For a response, IGN has contacted Spyglass Entertainment, which, together with Paramount, produces the Scream films.

Paramount produces Scream

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Radio Silence had achieved success with its properly ironic, biting reimagining of the Scream series, garnering favorable reviews and strong box office receipts.

Radio Silence

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Nonetheless, Landon's selection is not entirely unexpected given that Radio Silence will be appearing in their monster film.

Christopher’s selection

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Both his 2020 slasher film Freaky and his 2017 comedy-horror blockbuster Happy Death Day have some of the same biting humor.

Christopher’s work

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With a very small stated budget of $35 million plus marketing and advertising expenses, Scream 6 generated a healthy $168 million in international revenue.

Scream 6’s budget

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The announcement of Scream 7's existence isn't particularly surprising, but the director's news from today is the first substantive update.

Director’s update

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