Ron Sexton from “The Bob & Tom Show” passes away on Friday

Kelly Taylor

Ron Sexton, a native of Indianapolis as well as a radio host popularly known to "The Bob & Tom Show" audience as "Donnie Baker," passed away on Friday.

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Ron Sexton passed away

Millions of listeners came to know Sexton for his hilarious on-air personas, such as Donnie Baker and Kenny Tarmac, and his lifelike imitations of famous people.

Renowned for many roles

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Ron Sexton passed away on Friday while sleeping at a hotel in Dayton, Ohio. That's what his family claimed in a Facebook post.

Passed away in Ohio

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“We had to inform everyone that Ron Sexton died yesterday, and we do so with great regret.” Written in the Facebook post.

Facebook post

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This weekend, he was present for a stand-up performance. His demise's exact reason is still a mystery.

Cause of death

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In late 2022, in Indianapolis, Sexton was fired while he was in his car. As per investigators looking into the shooting, it was intentional.

Sexton was fired once

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According to legal papers, the shooter was engaged in affairs with the wife of the victim.

Ron had an affair

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Charges of attempted murder and illegal firearm possession were brought against that man.

Ron’s shooter got arrested

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Ron Sexton died at the age of 52, leaving behind a legacy filled with laughter that everybody will remember.

Ron’s legacy will be remembered

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