Rock Singer Ian Watkins Stabbed in Prison Attack

Kelly Taylor

Ian Watkins, the former lead vocalist of the rock band Lostprophets, was attacked while he was serving a 29-year term for child sex offenses.

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Ian Watkins was attacked

The event happened on Saturday, and investigators are digging into the details.

The attack happened on Saturday

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The Mirror reported the disturbing information that Watkins was stabbed while being held at HMP Wakefield.

Mirror’s report

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He caused shockwaves across the music business and beyond with his horrible deeds, drawing worldwide condemnation and revulsion.

Ian’s horrible deed

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After the alleged attack on the sacked rock singer, a spokeswoman for the Prison Service stated that an inquiry is in progress.

The police are investigating

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The Prison Service chose not to speak more about the situation because of the current police investigation.

Not much is revealed yet

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Ian Watkins' downfall came in December 2013, when he was given a 29-year prison term for horrifying child sex offenses, among them the intended rape of an infant.

Ian’s child sex offenses

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The band Lostprophets’ reputation was ruined, and their musical career came to an unfortunate end when Watkins' heinous deeds were made public.

Lostprophets’ is ruined

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Watkins may be released on parole after serving two-thirds of his prison term, despite earning a 29-year jail term along with an extra six years on probation.

Watkins might get released

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